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Jessica Laporte

Jessica Laporte is an experienced and ambitious Outreach and Digital PR manager with over four years' experience, currently overseeing Sage's link acquisition activity across five markets. She is passionate about content marketing and bring an analytical approach to solving creative problems.

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Teen Screen Addiction: The Generation Y Digital Experiment

This mindless and purposeless browsing on smartphones means the number of hours we spend looking at screens has dramatically increased over the past 30 years which has correlated with a steep increase in short-sightedness and the search for vision correction with laser eye surgery.

The Kylie Jenner Question: Should teenagers be having cosmetic enhancement procedures?

Kylie Jenner`s admission has sparked outcry among cosmetic medical practitioners who have generally deemed the teen being too young for such a procedure. What are the implications of undergoing this temporary surgery as a teenager? Are these valid health concerns or is society?s ethical perception of elective surgery simply outdated?