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Lisa Henning

Lisa Henning of Beautiful Ink Heaton Mersey, South Manchester is a Fully qualified trainer and technician in Cosmetic Micropigmentation, Saline Tattoo Removal and Advanced Skin Needling

Lisa has been in the industry since 2012, specialising in eyebrow tattooing, removals and corrections.  She has also developed Dry Tattooing, an advanced skin needling treatment to improve scars and stretch marks.  Over the past few years, Lisa has established as a successful trainer and is looking for more like-minded trainers to work with

Beautiful Ink is owned by Lisa Henning, she is the company Director.

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Why do some stretch mark creams work ?

You researched all the stretch mark prevention creams, read all the reviews, took advice from friends and family, made your choice and stuck to it. So how disappointing that you still ended up getting stretch marks. Why didn?t it work for you?

Dry Tattooing (MCA Micro Needling) - Precise skin stimulation, wakening and re-healing

Dry tattooing (also known as MCA Micro Needling) is an exciting alternative treatment that works directly on damaged skin, relaxing and smoothing scars, also reducing stretch marks. Any micro needling treatment essentially brings new life into damaged skin, and using a digital tattoo machine is a very quick way and precise way of making this happen. No pigment is tattooed into the skin, however pigmentation begins to normalise as a result.