Consulting Room featured in The Tweakments Guide by Alice Hart-Davis

Posted on the 08 April 2019 at 10:27

Consulting Room is very proud to be highlighted in The Tweakments Guide: Fresher Face, the expert guide to non-surgical cosmetic procedures published by Alice Hart Davis, as a go-to place to find cosmetic clinics and practitioners.

The Tweakments Guide: Fresher Face is the first comprehensive guide to the fast-growing field of non-surgical cosmetic treatments, or 'tweakments' as Alice calls them, and includes vital advice to the consumer on how to find and choose a good aesthetic practitioner. Alice Hart-Davis shares information about Botox, fillers, peels and everything you may want to know about non-surgical procedures, from how a treatment feels, to what it would cost, as well as practical advice about how to find a good, safe practitioner.

Consulting Room ( are thrilled to be included on page 43 of the book in the discussion on 'Finding a Clinic', where Alice notes that we offer 'a mass of helpful information about cosmetic treatments, and also have a clinic-search tool'. She goes on to state that, 'you can look up cosmetic doctors, their qualifications, and where they practice'.

The Tweakments Guide - Featuring Consulting Room

Alice Hart-Davis is an award-winning journalist and aesthetics industry expert who has spent 20 years investigating the fast-moving and confusing world of tweakments. She attends aesthetics conferences around the world and spends a lot of time catching up with the doctors, surgeons, dentists, nurses and the companies behind the technology, the better to understand the tweakments on offer. She is widely considered by doctors and brands to be the leading non-medical expert in this field and as she has tried these tweakments herself - she is able to provide clear unbiased information on how tweakments work.

Botox, fillers, lasers, peels...everything you’ve ever wanted to know about non-surgical cosmetic procedures, by the woman who has tried them all. If you are curious about tweakments and you want independent, unbiased advice on which ones do what, and how – this is the book you need.

Alice has also launced a website - - with an interactive tool that will allow people to highlight an area of the face, specify their concern, then discover relevant tweakments.

The Tweakments Guide is available to buy in paperback and Kindle formats through Amazon.

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