'Botox gives you wrinkles' says Daily Mail: Our expert responds

Posted on the 17 May 2010 at 10:45

I read with interest the rather misinformed article in the Daily Mail on 10th May regarding Botox 'giving you more wrinkles'. Those of us experienced in the use of Botox® and other botulinum toxins such as Xeomin® and Azzalure® know that the body has a way of compensating for muscles relaxed by these injections. As a result, other muscles such as the 'bunny line' muscle, properly known as 'nasalis', can become hyperactive. Indeed, the 'scrunching' of the nose has been called the 'Botox sign' for over ten years, so this is not news.
The skill in using injectable toxins is to predict the way an individual's face is going to react to treatment by carefully observing all muscle movements, and ideally photographing the different facial expressions pre treatment. The treatment and dose can then be tailored to the individual - this is certainly not a 'painting by numbers' treatment with fixed dose regimes. A review at 2 weeks is essential to make any minor adjustments necessary, and if the fact that the client has had 'Botox' has been spotted by their friends, then the treatment has not been done properly.
Lastly, the comment by Bobbi Brown regarding 'shooting poison into our faces' shows a clear lack of understanding of the safety of the product. Botulinum toxin does not accumulate in the body, and to get a significant overdose would require at least 30 x 100-unit vials injected intravenously all at once, with the average cosmetic dose being perhaps half a vial. Most prescription drugs would have far more serious or potentially fatal side effects with this multiplication factor!
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I absolutely agree with Dr. Eccleston's response to the Mail's misinformed and negative article. Having practised toxin treatment for 10 years I have found using gentle doses in corrugator and procerus you will avoid bunny lines and the so called botox look. As for Bobby Brown's comments they do not deserve a response; I thought we had got over the poison rubbish; obviously not.

Cindy Knight