Dermal fillers for facial scars

Posted on the 03 October 2017 at 10:24

Sometimes facial scars can leave a hollowness in your skin. This can happen after severe acne which can sometimes leave deep hollow acne scars, or if you have had a piece of skin removed for a biopsy, or facial scarring through an accident.

Dermal fillers can provide an effective treatment to reduce the impact of this kind of facial scar. The dermal fillers that I use are a gel-like substance made out of synthetic hyaluronic acid, which is very similar to the composition of your body’s own natural hyaluronic acid, which hydrates and plumps out your skin.

The dermal filler is injected under the scar and by plumping out the skin it can significantly improve the appearance. The photos below (with thanks to the client for his kind permission to publish these) show an un-retouched recent example of the treatment of a facial scar with dermal filler. This scar was the result of a skin biopsy to remove a small potentially cancerous area.

The effect of the dermal filler treatment is immediate and lasts 6 to 9 months. It then needs to be repeated.

Please be aware that there are things that can go wrong with dermal filler.


Treatment of facial scar with dermal fillers - before and after

Before (left) and After (right)  of a facial scar treated with dermal filler.

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Great blog! Thanks for giving the information about dermal filler treatment for facial scars.

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