The Facts About Skin Tags

Posted on the 10 April 2014 at 11:05

Skin Tags

Skin tags are a condition where a small area of skin flaps or protrudes. It's important to understand the facts about skin tags. I have removed literally thousands in my career as an aesthetic doctor.

What to Skin Tags Look Like?
This can initially appear as a raised ‘bump’ and gets more noticeable as it develops a ‘stalk’ of skin.
Smaller skin tags are 2-3mm, but they can become 5mm or more, which is known as a ‘papilloma’.

Where Do They Appear? 
Skin tags can appear both on the body or face and are particularly common where there is skin friction, such as in the underarm, groin, neck or breasts.
They can also occur in the embarrassing and sensitive genital and anal areas.

Are They Infectious?
Medically, skin tags are completely harmless. They are not infectious at all but are a relatively common condition which is likely to affect millions of adults in the UK at some point in their lives.

What Problems Do Skin Tags Cause?
While they are usually of little concern medically, for many of those with skin tags, they can cause irritation, especially where they are prone to catching on clothing or becoming sensitive due to rubbing.

In addition, facial skin tags can cause embarrassment due to the aesthetic appearance. They might appear on the eyelids or neck for example and can be quite noticeable to other people, causing concern to the patient. Skin tags around the eyes can also affect the vision.

How Can Skin Tags Be Removed?
Skin tags can be removed relatively quickly and painlessly via cryotherapy (freezing), laser treatment or surgical excision by a skilled doctor who ideally has plenty of experience of the procedure.

Home remedies or solutions available on the internet are best avoided as they can cause infection and/or scarring.

As they are considered a cosmetic issue, there is very little removal of skin tags now offered on the NHS; so private clinics are seeing more and more patients who wish to arrange skin tag removal.

Will It Leave a Scar?
Any skin tag removal procedure is likely to leave some form of scar as the skin is broken and must heal itself.

However, after initial redness, this does fade until most patients have to look hard to see it. Any scarring is generally preferable, in the long term, to the presence of the skin tag itself.

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Blog Comment(s) [2]

Skin tags are a very common skin condition and there are so many different factors that may contribute to developing skin tags. Although skin tags are not a very serious health problem, they can be very painful and embarrassing experience for the affected people.

Tyler Thonon

I have seen many people getting ugly scar after removing there skin tags. Most of the times the scar gets invisible all together. In some cases, scar remains there for a long duration. Some people apply royal jelly, skin brightening products, Manuka honey on the affected area. These natural elements do help in removing the scar mark.