Tanning salons still using provocative marketing of sun beds

Posted on the 20 November 2013 at 16:33

I was lucky enough to spend last weekend in Exeter in Devon. As we drove into the city I was shocked, amazed and well just plain flabbergasted at the marketing of a tanning shop which we passed by – the shop was called Vit-D Tanning! 

It quotes itself as 'possibly Exeter's leading tanning studio' on its website and offers tanning “shots” at 50 pence a minute!

Like many women I did sunbeds when I was younger, but it was down to a lack of education. I went on sunbeds (before a trip) to stop myself from getting burned whilst on holiday. That is what we were told to do!

More recently, I was worried when my lovely god-daughter, who is 24 said that she goes on sunbeds to stop herself getting burned as she’s so fair. Her mother has just had skin cancer so you'd think she would be more concerned.

It is therefore worrying that sun bed salons and tanning shops can blatantly advertise something in a way that is provocative (still), whereas other damaging substances like cigarettes are now being covered up and come with massive health warnings.

Vitamin D indeed...

It is quite simply unbelievable that this is allowed. It is simply a 'sexy way' to sell something that is damaging by making people think it's good for them. After all isn’t everyone in Britain suffering with lack of Vitamin D these days?

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