A guide to choosing the right procedure and clinic.. Part 2: The Procedure

Posted on the 15 November 2011 at 13:25

By now some of you, but maybe not all of you will have read my previous blog on making the decision to undergo liposuction, and whilst it is one thing to make the decision in your mind, it’s another to actually turn up on the day...

Let me remind you that I chose VASER Liposuction because I wanted to:

✔ remove unwanted fat

✔ I wanted to shape my body to a more attractive and defined contour

✔ I wanted to regain some of my figure that age and childbearing have taken away

✔ I wanted to reshape trouble spots that just did not respond to diet and exercise

I’m a big believer that if you want something enough you will have no hesitations in going forward with your decision. If you have been prepared and well advised in your consultation with your surgeon, just like I was, you should enter into an aesthetic procedure, mentally prepared, assured and confident (a few nerves can indicate that you’re only human!)

My surgeon, whose credentials I checked out thorougly, was a Mr Edgardo Schiavone, an experienced Plastic Surgeon carrying out VASERLiposuction proceedures at Medizen in the West Midlands.  Mr Schiavone’s gentle manner is the best you’ll find for calming down quaky nerves, but none the less the nurses on hand, especially Annie, was also a god-send.

So after sitting no more than 10 minutes in the clinic’s waiting room (photo below) I was ushered into a changing room by Annie the nurse, given the usual glamorous medical gowns to change into, hair tied back, and before I knew it I was comfortably laid out on the medical couch/table ready to go. 

Now for those of you who are not to familiar with how a VASER liposuction procedure is performed; here’s a brief outline:

The first step in the process is for the treatment area to be filled with a specially-formulated tumescent saline solution, via a small incision. Not only does this wetting solution help to numb the treatment area (as it contains an anesthetic, lignocaine) it also reduces the size of blood vessels in order to reduce potential bruising and minimise any blood loss, which can be a serious side effect with traditional, surgical liposuction. The ultrasound radio waves emitted by the special VASERLipo probe break up the contents of the fat-storing cells on contact whilst leaving the other tissues in the surrounding areas, such as nerves, connective tissues and blood vessels, relatively untouched. During the liposuction procedure, incisions will be placed discreetly. For instance, in a typical abdominal VASER one incision will be “hidden” within the belly button. To allow the VASER probe to effectively emit ultrasound waves to liquefy the fats on the far left and right side of the lower abdomen, two incisions will be placed near the bikini line. 

My VASER procedure was a three step process:

Step 1:- the injecting of the saline solution, and I have to be frank and honest and state this was not particularly uncomfortable nor painful, and was quite fast – although the saline solution will make the area your having treated with VASER liposuction swell up with fluid which is interesting to observe, but I was reassured the swelling would dissapear, (and it did!)

Step 2:- was the break up of the fat storing cells by a long probe which lasted approximately 20 minutes, this part of the procedure is a little bizzare. You can feel probing occuring inside the area being treated but no pain or discomfort, if you have a lovely nurse like I did, artfully distracting me of what was going on, it’ll be over before you realise.

Step 3:- the final phase was the suction/extraction of fat - which call me a little weird and twisted was the best part to experience, being awake and watching a glass container fill with fat being extracted from your body for me represented a whole wave of emotions and relief.  It was fat I had battled with through my life - fat that refused to go away and that had clung on to me for dear life, it was fat that no amount of careful restraint, dieting or hardcore gym work would melt away. So finally I got to say farewell to my fat, it was a victory in a very long battle with myself and finally one which in the space of just 2 hours I had conquered, thanks to VASER liposuction and the skilled hands of an experienced surgeon (whom I may hasten to add refused to switch the device off until he had perfected my abdomen as best as he possibly could).


          Photo: My Fat in the Glass Container and My Brilliant VASER Lipo Medizen Team Annie Eccleston, Mr Edgardo Schiavone and Nia Ellis

After some tidying and cleaning up a compression garment was immediately put on me and once the whole procedure was finished I was able to sit up, walk to the changing cubicle, get dressed and hitch a ride home with the husband for a lovely cup of tea.   Euphoric at the whole experience, triumphant in removing that stubborn fat, and overwhelmed at the prospect that I did not have to stumble home through a hangover of anaesthesia.

My Recovery

Despite being less invasive than traditional liposuction, it is prudent to keep in mind that as with any form of liposuction, bruising and swelling will set in and can last for a few weeks after the procedure. The body will naturally undertake the task of healing the bruising and swellings. The color of the bruises will appear in hues of pinkish red immediately post VASER, reflecting the colour of blood beneath the skin. Following that, the bruise will turn purplish black as hemoglobin in the blood undergoes a change. Thereafter, the colour of the bruise will turn greenish and then, fading to a yellowish tint, before healing to the colour of the skin tone.

For the next few days, I have to be honest I was a little sore, tender and bruised (think how it feels to do around 1,000 sit-ups or tummy crunches in the gym, and you’re almost there!) don’t be under the mis-guided assumption that you’ll be back to normal “within a week” - I know recovery times very much depend on each individual but this is by no means a quick 24 hour recovery job.

I also have to point out that VASER Liposcution has had much mis-representation in the media and on the internet as a “lunch time” procedure.  For a start the procedure took over two hours from admission to discharge (hardly your average lunch time unless your a chief executive) and secondly, there is no way on earth any individual is going to want to go back to work after having had such a procedure carried out on them. I’m a member of the media myself, but I do to cringe sometimes when I see gross exaggerations and misrepresentations of very intricate aesthetic procedures such as VASER Liposuction being touted as “Lunch Time” procedures, they are not, so don’t be seduced by false hook lines like that - they are simply sales jargon to lure you in.

And finally....

In terms of my expecations as to what the actual procedure would be like I was prepared and briefed very well and as professionaly as I could be by the clinic and surgeon  I chose (a definate must-have for all prospective patients is good preperation, and realistic expectatiions). But after the bruising and swelling faded, the compression garments removed and the recovery completed, was VASER Liposuction everything I expected it to be?

Did I get the results I wanted? And was it all worth it?

Read my final Blog and see my big REVEAL with photo’s, coming soon.....

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Brilliant blog and first-hand insight to a highly publicised procedure,Antonia! & well done for stressing that, although Vaser IS 'quicker, with less downtime' than the traditional Liposuction alternatives, it really isn't the lunchbreak option that some people are being falsely led to believe...the depth with which you've discussed the research, thought and consultation process previously also highlights the fact that NO surgery - vaser or full lipo, mini or full procedures - is a 'quick fix' to be taken lightly: that's the whole reason why we try to offer so much free information at Aurora and unlimited consultations. Hope you were pleased with your results - can't wait to see The Big Reveal blog!

Sarah Brechon, Web Content Editor