How to choose the best Aesthetics Training Company in 3 steps.

Posted on the 07 July 2011 at 13:59

In recent months controversy has arisen over whether non-medical professionals should be allowed to inject cosmetic treatments. (Beauty Therapists challenge IHAS) The debate led to the formation of the Cosmetic Treatments and Injectables Association (CTIA) a new industry body aimed at easing the rising pressure the medical community. As the dispute continues, the need for good and solid training is becoming more and more crucial.     

When you're looking for an injectable training company to invest in your new career, there are three things you really want to know to ensure that you're going to get good value.

1. How many syringes will you personally use on your models?

2. What support will there be after your training? i.e. will there be opportunities for networking with other practitioners? Will you be able to send images in for review and advice? Will you be able to speak to your trainer directly for advice?

3. Make sure you read testimonials of people who have been trained by them and other companies to get a true insight into the training quality. Why not go one step further and see if you can speak to their delegates too?

I highly recommend speaking to people who have been on the training courses. With Facebook reviews it's even possible to see that the testimonials are by real people! Invest wisely and save yourself a fortune!

“The Consulting Room have recently launched a unique training directory to help provide a focused resource of quality trainers and would echo Chantalle’s comments regarding how to choose a provider” – Ron Myers Consulting Room Director. See

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Its would be interesting to know how do the 'trainee's' gain their prescriptions for botulinum toxins? What procedures are currently in place to ensure that Dr's and nurses comply with their regulators guidelines. I know of a nurse who trains and orders botulinum toxin on her pharmacy account for those that she has trained. No face to face, just takes the money and bob's your uncle!