Liposuction at Home i-Sucu promises to make fat removal easy

Posted on the 01 April 2011 at 09:15

We’ve been writing about some crazy, almost unbelievable things over the last year - so we thought we’d try and catch a few people out with this April Fool’s Blog - Hope it made a few of you chuckle!

The aesthetic marketplace for home use devices has grown exponentially in recent years with the introduction of a variety of at-home laser and IPL machines for hair removal and skin rejuvenation, along with home use radiofrequency devices for skin tightening and LEDS for acne; now from Korea comes the world’s first home use liposuction kit, called the i-Sucu.

Available to buy at a modest $750, the i-Sucu comes complete with everything a person would need to perform small scale fat removal on stubborn areas of their body, in the comfort of their own bathroom, with no medical experience required claims the manufacturer.

i-sucu at home liposuction


The complete i-Sucu kit consists of:

  • a tube of topical anaesthetic cream
  • alcohol wipes
  • a pack of non-latex surgical gloves
  • a surgical scalpel
  • a 3mm diameter cannula
  • syringes
  • a length of plastic tubing
  • a ready mixed tumescent solution for injecting into the area where fat is to be removed
  • a rechargeable Li-ion battery operated aspirator with mains plug as an option
  • dressings and tape
  • 2 compression bandages

With growing obesity in many countries and an increase in people seeking body contouring treatment options, it was to be expected that it wouldn’t be long before someone came along to fill the niche in the market offered by those either not willing or not able to pay for often expensive in-clinic liposuction methods such as VASER LipoSmartlipo and more conventional suction-assisted lipoplasty operations.

Designed to remove only small areas of stubborn body fat from the tummy, buttocks and thighs, the i-Sucu can be used either by the individual themselves, or ideally, according to the manufacturer, with the assistance of a friend or family member who can see the area being treated more clearly than the individual. It could well be the at-home solution to shifting that post-Christmas bulge!

We’d love to hear from anyone with experience of using this device (we’re still waiting for our kit to arrive in the post!), or from cosmetic doctors and surgeons already practicing liposuction techniques with your thoughts on how this might affect your business if sales of this device take off over here.

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