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Clinetix Image

[58 miles] Clinetix

169 Hyndland Road, Glasgow, G12 9HT

Clinetix believe in a “whole person” approach to cosmetic medicine. We use a combination of non-surgical, surgical and skin-care treatments to achieve a natural result. Our medical professionals use their years of experience with aesthetic patients to advise our clients on the best solutions.

The Private Clinic Glasgow Image

[59 miles] The Private Clinic Glasgow

1st Floor, 11 Park Circus, Glasgow, G3 6AX

Dr Connolly and Mrs Marilyn Connolly jointly run The Private Clinic in Glasgow, formerly known as The Regency Medical Clinic. Dr Connolly offers skin analysis and the most effective skin rejuvenation treatments, as well as specialising in Alizonne Medical Weight Loss & Body Contouring