Too Much Fun?

19/09/2004 | The Sunday Times - Style

A party-hard lifestyle requires top-class therapists. Rosie Green reveals whom the A list call.

Fashionistas are a special breed. When these thin, frazzled, frequent flyers contract the lurgy or lethargy, they don’t stock up on Lemsip, linctus or Boots multivitamins like the rest of us. Oh, no. They phone their catwalk chums and seek out the person everyone swears will solve their problem. After all, fashion foxes demand the best, be it the season’s hottest accessory or an acclaimed acupuncturist. So if your skin is lacking lustre, those last 5lb need shedding, your digestive system wants detoxing or the bloat’s got to be beaten, here’s who to call. Expect to wait, however, as they’re often in demand and sometimes very elusive.


Front-row fashion mavens have an unparalleled fear of cellulite (ruins the look of your Liza Bruce swimsuit, dontcha know?), so now they are visiting Dr Charles Bale for mesotherapy. First he scrutinises your lifestyle, then he settles you on his couch and comes at you with a gun that holds mini needles that prick the skin and propel a fat-fighting formula 4mm deep into it. Painful indeed, but less effort than the gym. After a bit of initial swelling, the skin looks smoother and firmer.

Devotees Linda Gray (Dallas) and others too A list to mention
Contact Dr Bale on 01883 740005. From £50
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