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Love your skin again

The ageing process, environmental damage, such as ultra-violet radiation, pollution and stress all play an important role in the way we look and feel. Dry, sun-damaged, dry skin, a tired appearence, hair loss and weight gain are only a few signs of the ageing process.

Eternal Clinic provides safe, effective, non-surgical anti-ageing procedures, carefully chosen and customised depending on your needs.  Thanks to modern technology we can now reverse many of signs of ageing achieving and maintaining a glowing complexion, better hair and a slimmer, happier you.

At Eternal clinic we listen to you carefully and fully discuss your treatment options - followed by a cooling-off period to give you time to consider them. We cannot always avoid adverse reactions, however we ensure that our staff are highly trained, updated regularly, accredited & able to manage any issues.

Aesthetic treatments are no longer a privilege of a few. They are available just a phone call away, to help you to become a better, more confident and natural-looking version of yourself. 



“Less is more”

In today’s society it is becoming more accepted that people have cosmetic or aesthetic treatments, many almost making them a part of everyday life. The Eternal clinics in Egham and Weybridge are places where you can discuss your needs with fully-qualified and very experienced medical practitioners confidentially.

Using only proven, evidence-based treatments in this fast-moving environment you can be assured of safety and natural-looking results.   We believe it is very important to discuss your expectations of your treatment with the person who will be performing it.

You should be realistic about what can be achieved with non-surgical methods, and be open to other techniques that might be more appropriate for you other than the treatment you may be seeking.  So long as the right treatment is used, the person performing the treatment is properly trained or qualified - and you follow the instructions given to you before and after treatment - the results will be measurable and pleasing to see.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

There are many reasons why people ask for aesthetic treatments, irrespective of their age.  Every decade in life presents itself with issues impacting on confidence. Oily skin, acne or rosacea, scars, lines and wrinkles, strechmarks, pigmentation and dilated blood vessels are only a few to mention. Those born with little imperfections can benefit from nose, lips or chin reshaping to create a more balanced and pleasing look.

Results of anti-ageing interventions are not permanent. Some procedures need to be repeated for maximum effect and longer-lasting  results.  Careful planning of a treatment programme combined with lifestyle change and maintenance sessions may be required.

The beauty of non-surgical cosmetic procedures is their potential to renew skin and diminish signs of ageing with minimal downtime. This usually eliminates the need for surgery, which in itself carries potential risks and does not even offer a permanent solution.

Our Staff

Dr Beata Cybulska Photo

Dr Beata Cybulska

Founder and Director of Eternal Clinic

Certified course in anti-ageing and aesthetic medicine , Polish Society of Aesthetic dermatologists, Warsaw 2014 Master course in advanced aesthetic techniques, Fenice, Warsaw 2015 MSc in aesthetic medicine at QMUL, UK 2017

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Dr Sandy Bosch

Cosmetic doctor

Sandy is a GMC registered doctor from South Africa who is trained and experience in non-surgical cosmetic procedures including muscle relaxing injection, dermal fillers and chemical peels


We are on York Road, off Queens Road, Weybridge, next to Weyrbidge Vetinary. Use the post code KT13 9EL. Free parking on Queens Road and York Road, also a pay-and-display car park opposite the clinic.

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