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Should beauty therapists be injecting dermal fillers & botulinum toxins?

Should beauty therapists be injecting dermal fillers & botulinum toxins?

This is not a new debate, not by a long shot, but it is one which never seems to go very far away. As the aesthetic industry has grown, so has the number, and variety, of practitioners now offering injectable facial fillers and botulinum toxins to the public at large. We have raised the debate before about why cosmetic injectables should only be performed by doctors, nurses, dentists and some types of pharmacists.

The benefits of nursing work in the cosmetic surgery industry

Advancements in cosmetic surgery, as well a demand from an ageing population has led to a marked increase in people seeking plastic surgery and other cosmetic treatments. With the increase comes a need for increasingly skilled nurses to care for patients both in the operating room and in aftercare.

Why is accuracy in documenting patients' record so essential?

Patient documentation is not only a legal requirement, but forms part of good practice and the process of keeping patients safe. Although both the medical and nursing professions have guidance in patient documentation, in practice medical notes are often imprecise and incomplete.

The safety of cosmetic procedures comes first say GMC proposals

With new draft guidance hot off the press from the General Medical Council (GMC) the safety of cosmetic surgery procedures is once again the subject of much public debate. Recommending more openness and pre-treatment consideration time, this latest set of proposals looks set to further transform the cosmetic surgery industry across the UK.

Introducing Consulting Room's Business Hub for Aesthetic Professionals

The Consulting Room has created a new Business Hub within the Members Area of The Consulting Room by aggregating a great many resources with a business theme from past member magazines, our SMART Ideas events, as well as getting input from third party companies and individuals who work in the aesthetics sector.

Cosmetic Consultations Part 2: Client Suitability for Treatment

In order to provide suitable treatment to your clients, a successful consultation must first take place. Once your client?s expectations have been established and discussed, then it is important to consider your client?s suitability for treatment.

Cosmetic Consultations Part 1: Managing Client Expectations

A successful consultation is the foundation of any aesthetic treatment. In order to achieve client satisfaction, the practitioner must first understand what the client wishes to achieve.

The dangers of not researching your cosmetic surgeon and what questions you should be asking before surgery

Cosmetic surgery, botched up bodies, review, surgeon, qualifications, rogue operators, cosmetic surgery abroad, cheap, questions to ask

Find quality staff for your aesthetic businesses with Cosmetic Recruitment

The Consulting Room is proud to announce the launch of, a new website within our existing aesthetic services portfolio, dedicated to providing a simple recruitment process for both employers and candidates looking for a job within the aesthetic industry.

Be SMART in 2015 - Why planning for next year`s success is critical and how we can help

Our SMART IDEAS events in London and Manchester in January provide an ideal opportunity for you to sit down at the beginning of 2015 for a day and learn about some of the latest strategies to grow your business from people who have proven expertise in working in the aesthetic industry.

Top tips for choosing a cosmetic practitioner & treatment

It may be useful when considering cosmetic treatments to follow the following basic guidelines.

How to choose a laser clinic in our current unregulated market.

Deciding you would like to have a cosmetic procedure done is the easy part. After all, most of us are quite clear and confident as to what we would change if only we had a magic wand. But how confident would you be at choosing a cosmetic clinic?

Quasi medical people are seemingly learning how to administer `Botox` on LinkedIn chat forums!

A worrying trend could be the avoidance of training courses entirely; I mean who needs training in medical aesthetics when you can learn it all from aesthetic themed forums such as the many on the business networking site LinkedIn.

Should an Apprentice Run a Cosmetic Procedures Business?

There are several ironies involved in Dr Leah Totton winning The Apprentice. To BAPRAS she does indeed look like `The Apprentice` when it comes to offering cosmetic procedures.

Should Botox and Fillers be Sold to the General Public from an Exhibition Stand?

My daughter is in her first year of training to be a beauty therapist. I was chauffeur driven a good part of the way on our trip from Rugby down to the mecca for beauty therapists, Professional Beauty, at the EXCEL in London. Buried amongst the exhibitors we came across a nurse offering cut price Botox and filler injections from her exhibition stand.

PIAPA call for better regulation of dermal fillers and those who provide them

Members of the aesthetic nurses group PIAPA (Private Independent Aesthetic Practices Association) are reporting increasingly hard-sell from companies and individuals offering practitioners numerous alternative fillers, administered by individuals with sometimes questionable skills and qualifications, it would seem a disaster similar to the PIP implant situation may become more inevitable as time passes.

Botox Sales & Botox Training Courses in UK Economic Crisis and The Outlook is Good!

As the Financial Times annouces soaring sales in the Botox European Marketplace, Cosmetic Courses annouce that despite the economic gloom delegates have attended Botox training courses in record numbers in 2011.

How to choose the best Aesthetics Training Company in 3 steps.

When you're looking for an injectable training company to invest in your new career, there are three things you really want to know to ensure that you're going to get good value. With Facebook reviews it's even possible to see that the testimonials are by real people. Invest wisely and save yourself a fortune!

Unique New Industry Cosmetic Training site is launched

Here at the Consulting Room we pride ourselves on our knowledge of all things Aesthetic. We are always designing new concepts to benefit businesses and our latest website is a dedicated training services portal hosting information related to all aspects of training and education

FACE Conference and Exhibition 2011 and Aesthetic Industry Summer Ball

Its that time of year again - the sun was shining (well thats in-between the downpours), the birds were chirping and the creme de la creme of the aesthetic industry were making their annual pilgrimage to the Royal Society of Physicians in London for the FACE Conference.

Academy of Cosmetic Training bows out of non-medic Botox training

Back in August 2010 we covered the story of a company based in Warrington called The Academy of Cosmetic Training who were offering training courses in the administration of Botox and dermal fillers to non-medics. A recent visit to the website for The Academy of Cosmetic Training ( revealed that the companys own declarations and activities have indeed caused their downfall.

Botox Training For Non-Medics Surely Not in the UK?!

During a round of internet searching I discovered a site offering Botox and dermal filler training to non-medical personnel.

Podcast: Recommended training courses and reading materials

Ongoing training and educstion are vitally important in to stay ahead in the Cosmetics industry. In this podcast Adrian Richards talks to Ron Myers from The Consulting Room and they advise you on the best ways to do this.