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Why appearance is not just skin deep

There is a common misconception that people who choose to have cosmetic surgery are superficially concerned with their appearance but how we view our looks on the outside can have a drastic effect on how we feel on the inside and impact upon our health mentally, psychologically and sometimes even physically.

Why Cosmetic Procedures Can Change your Life

Many people now choosing to undergo cosmetic procedures find that the impact even a small change can have upon their overall outlook on their personal situation is no less than life changing.

Emotional support and consent play an important role in consulting for surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments

Whether you call it psychotherapy, counselling or emotional support it all amounts to the same thing - the ability to help the patient explore what is going on for them emotionally with reference to a cosmetic intervention.

Is cosmetic surgery counselling a must?

Specifically trained cosmetic surgery counsellors would make a valuable addition to the forthcoming patient safety regulations resulting from the Keogh Review.

Groundbreaking Botox Research by U.S. Dermatologist Could Change our Understanding of Depression...Forever

A new book by Eric Finzi, MD is making cosmetic practitioners and those involved in mental health research, rethink both the physical anatomy of the face and the relationship with neurological pathways when it comes to emotions, but also the role that botulinum toxins, such as Botox?, can have in affecting our mood and relationships with others.

Mind the Gap - There must be psychological screening for cosmetic surgery patients

As aesthetic surgery becomes increasingly popular, proper patient selection becomes even more important to the entire surgery process. Before agreeing to operate, a surgeon must evaluate the psychological condition of a patient.

Cosmetic Surgery for the Soul? The Role of the Surgeon as Counsellor

Cosmetic or plastic surgery can provide the outer, aesthetic icing on the cake. It can improve self confidence. But it cannot actually alter who you are: or the external forces in your life before or after. That is why the role of any great surgeon is far more than just as medic or even artiste; the best Consultant Surgeons are great Counsellors too.

Women with PIP Breast Implants can`t sleep, are missing work and taking anxiety medication according to a psychology clinic

A recent online survey by Clinical Partners, a private clinic of psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists, polled women who have, or have had, the controversial French PIP breast implants which are at the centre of a current scandal and health scare due to the use of industrial grade silicone by the manufacturers.

Confidence and breast enlargement, do surgically improved breasts really increase self-esteem?

Breasts are often idolised as the definitive ideal of femininity. In 2011 breast augmentation proved the most popular cosmetic procedure among women in the UK. Despite the variety of shows aimed at debunking the myths of the perfect body shape increasingly more and more ladies are going under the knife.

The beauty trade-off: Would you trade a year of your life to acheive your ideal weight?

Earlier this year The Succeed Foundation conducted research into the importance female university students place on appearances and in a modern day Faustian tale, discovered that 30% of women would trade at least one year of their life to achieve their ideal body weight and shape. What would you trade?

Lavender - The surprising ingredient to a stress free and calm procedure

Whether youre just slightly squeamish about needles or suffer from trypanophobia, the thought of Botox or other dermal fillers can be quite terrifying. However, a new simple solution has emerged: Lavender.

When it comes to looks - Should you aim for perfection?

One fascinating issue that has appeared in recent times in my consulting rooms in Harley St is that of perfectionism.

Why You Want To Improve Your Looks Determines Whether You Will

We know that aesthetic improvements can be enormously helpful in improving well being. However a key mechanism is that the improvement in appearance bolsters self-esteem and self-confidence.

The Power of Physical Beauty is More than Skin Deep

How attractive you are may seem the kind of superficial issue that few serious scientists would spend time studying. Increasingly, however, it is being seen as a profound question that deserves serious investigation. Indeed, recent findings suggest it could be a linchpin of evolutionary theory.