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Taxing Beauty: How will the new VAT rulings affect the Cosmetic Industry?

It has been 2 months since the annoucement that Cosmetic Surgery was to be subjected to a 20% VAT increase but there is still ambiguity over the proposed changes and have many in the industry questioning the changes.

Podcast: How is the UK Cosmetic Industry coping with the current economy

Adrian Richards talks to Ron Myers of Consulting Room about Cosmetic Surgery and the Economy.

VAT: Don`t get caught out

The BACD, IHAS and leading businesses in the sector have been working with the accountants BDO LLP to challenge the recent HMRC annoucement to tax cosmetic surgery, but it seems likely that this will need to be challenged in the Courts.

Podcast: VAT Should You Register?

In this podcast Adrian Richards discusses the issue of VAT with Ron Myers. Some practitioners are under investigation and may be liable for back payments.

VAT and Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments

Did you know that from 1st October 2010, there will be no restriction on who can operate class 4 lasers and IPL equipment for non-surgical cosmetic treatments? At the same time, VAT will become applicable for non-surgical cosmetic treatments.