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ISHRS launches patient awareness campaign of black market hair restoration

ISHRS launches patient awareness campaign of black market hair restoration

Hair restoration patients around the world are being lured to "black market pirate clinics" operated by non-physicians with little or no training promising guaranteed results which pose serious risks to unsuspecting men and women seeking help for hair loss.

Cosmetic surgery: knowing your rights if something goes wrong

There is a great deal of confusion that surrounds the aesthetic industry and what procedures within it are subject to regulation. As the popularity of cosmetic procedures continues to rise, so too do the number of complaints and the volume of incidents involving risky practices and untrained or inexperienced practitioners.

Department of Health launches consultation on expanding Care Quality Commission (CQC) ratings for cosmetic surgery clinics and independent healthcare providers

The Department of Health has launched a consultation on proposals to extend the types of provider registered with Care Quality Commission (CQC) that they are able to rate following inspection.

How to choose a laser clinic in our current unregulated market.

Deciding you would like to have a cosmetic procedure done is the easy part. After all, most of us are quite clear and confident as to what we would change if only we had a magic wand. But how confident would you be at choosing a cosmetic clinic?

Some Medical Aesthetic Clinics Offering Botulinum Toxin for Hyperhidrosis are Flouting CQC Registration Requirements

Unlike the use of Botox, and other BoNTA brands including Dysport, Azzalure, Bocouture and Xeomin for cosmetic facial wrinkle reduction, which is largely unregulated (aside from some self-regulated accreditation schemes), the use of botulinum toxins for treating hyperhidrosis is subject to statutory regulation.

Department of Health Responds to Keogh Review on Regulation of Cosmetic Interventions But Many Find it Lacking

Today saw the long awaited response by the Department of Health to the Review of the Regulation of Cosmetic Interventions in England, published by NHS Medical Director Professor Sir Bruce Keogh and his team back in April 2013. The government was keen to thank Sir Bruce and noted that it agreed with the overwhelming majority of the review?s findings and recommendations. However, sentiment of solid action is sadly lacking from the points made within the response.

CQC : Care Quality Commission or Can't Quite Cope?

The fact that the CQC is 'not fit for purpose' seems finally to have begun to dawn on the government and Department of Health, following the publication of the Keogh report and the innumerable scandals in the NHS and independent social care sector over the last few months.

Is Electrolysis a CQC 'regulated activity'? The answer is No

Recently we added a new Treatment FAQ to The Consulting Room for Advanced Electrolysis, also now called Advanced Cosmetic Procedures (ACP). The inclusion of this FAQ caused much debate amongst aesthetic industry participants with regards to just who should be doing this type of procedure, as some Beauty Therapists are being trained in these advanced techniques and also whether or not it needed to be performed in a Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered clinic setting.

Cosmetic Lasers and Regulation - Is there blame when complications occur?

It is no surprise that the number of accidents resulting from cosmetic lasers are steadily increasing year in year out. Perhaps the most famous example depicting this is Charlotte Cripps, a UK journalist who after undergoing IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment in 2008 has been left with disfiguring burns.

A guide to choosing the right procedure and clinic to suit your needs

Antonia Maraconda a.k.a The Cosmedic Coach discusses her experience of deciding to undergo Liposuction. How do you decide what Clinic / Treatment is right for you? What should you ask your surgeon?

Skin Analysis and Digital Imaging: Getting under your clients skin

How do you prove to yourself and clients that what you are recommending to them and treating them with actually works? With treatments like dermal fillers and botulinum toxins results are often obvious, but what about complexion improving light based treatments, peels and those expensive topical products you recommend, how do you demonstrate their effectiveness?

Coming Soon - European Standards for Aesthetic Surgical Procedures?

I was invited to speak at a recent meeting on the subject of Cosmetic Surgery Trends. The main focus of the meeting revolved around the lack of effective regulation for various aspects of the cosmetic market. European countries face similar problems which have resulted in a drive towards trying to harmonise standards across the EU for cosmetic treatments.

Do I Still Need Local Rules, Risk Assessments and Medical Protocols?

This question is equally valid if you are a Healthcare Professional (Doctor, Nurse etc) using laser and IPL systems and will continue to be regulated by the CQC after the 1st of October or a non-healthcare professional (e.g., a beauty clinic) using laser and IPL systems. The answer to the question is YES; you do need these in place but for some different reasons depending upon who you are.

Chinese Laser HandPiece - A Case Study

Lynton wanted to investigate the possible dangers faced by those clinic or salon operators who might consider purchasing one of the many low cost laser or IPL products that were becoming readily available from Chinese manufacturers.

Local Authorities step in to regulate non-healthcare use of lasers and light from October 1st

With the impending deregulation of non-healthcare related (i.e. beauty sector) use of laser and IPL systems on the 1st October 2010, it seems that the Local Authority Health and Safety Officers around the country are preparing to step in and fill the void left by the Department of Healths ill-conceived deregulation.

Cutting the Red Tape: Laser/IPL suppliers targeting sales using de-regulation; Right or wrong?

I recently saw an advert from an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) manufacturer which was targeted through an industry publication aimed at beauty professionals. It highlighted that clinics and salons can now offer IPL hair removal without the red tape of regulation. Is this really an ethical method of advertising?

CQC Inspectors - The New `Health Traffic` Wardens

The new regulations give a range of powers to CQC inspectors which range from informal chats, enforcement notices, prohibition notices and of course prosecution under the new offences, however interestingly they now have one particularly efficient method of enforcement the FIXED PENALTY NOTICE.

Podcast: How does legislation affect you

In this podcast Adrian Richards talks to Ron Myers from The Consulting Room about the thorny issue of legislation within the Aesthetics industry.

Deregulation of Lasers: An Equipment Suppliers View

Lynton has been supplying Laser and Intense Pulse Light (IPL) equipment to the cosmetic marketplace for over 16 years. It is with mixed feelings that I view the imminent deregulation of the use of Class 3b/4 lasers and IPLs in cosmetic practices.

CQC re-registration period coming to an end!

If you are registered with the CQC under the Care Standards Act 2000 as an independent healthcare provider you should, by now have received the notification of your "window" to re-register under the Health and Social Care Act 2008.

FREE Care Quality Commission Registrations between 1st July and 1st October 2010!!!

The closing date for applications to register with the CQC for healthcare establishments under the Care Standards Act 2000 is the 1st of July 2010.

VAT and Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments

Did you know that from 1st October 2010, there will be no restriction on who can operate class 4 lasers and IPL equipment for non-surgical cosmetic treatments? At the same time, VAT will become applicable for non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

The Mad, Mad World of Medical Aesthetics

It has been reported that a company in Doncaster is once again offering botulinum toxin training to Beauty Therapists. The fact that this is allowed to happen demonstrates the ridiculous lack of legislation in this country regarding medical aesthetics.

Doctors to come off GMC register and retrain as beauty therapists?

It currently looks like a beauty salon, even if they have a visiting doctor, dentist or nurse doing injectables, carrying out skin rejuvenation and hair removal with a laser or IPL would not need to be registered.

The Future of Healthcare Regulation in England

Dr Philip Dobson Medical Director of Laser Care Services Ltd sent us a summary of the pertinent points of Care Quality Commission legislation changes due in 2010 relating to the Cosmetic Surgery/Non-surgical industry and Beauty Sector.