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AspireAssist System: Controversial `Eat like a pig` slimming device set to arrive in Britain

This weekend the press reported a new solution for weight loss. The headline read - The `eat like a pig` slimming device - Controversial product pumps users stomach after food binges. And that, in a nutshell, sums up how this new device claims to work.

Weight Loss Surgery, The Real Skinny

I recently came across a new book called Weight Loss Surgery; The Real Skinny by an American Weight Loss Surgeon, Nick Nicholson M.D. and an author, B.A. Blackwood.

Are You Addicted to Carbs?

For a long time, we have waged diet wars against fats believing that eating fat will make us fat. However, evidence now shows that it is in fact sugars and refined carbohydrates that cause us to pile on the pounds.

Pre- and post-op gastric band weight loss surgery care

If youre considering embarking on a weight loss journey, or have tried every diet, fad and exercise routine you possibly could, theres nothing wrong with getting a bit of help. Procedures like the gastric band have helped many overweight and obese patients transform their bodies and increase their overall quality of life.

A day in the life of a plastic surgeon...

LBPS Surgeon Dr. Chris Inglefield gives us a rundown of his typical day - tummy tucks, septorhinoplasty, breast augmentations and blepharoplasty.... A day in the life of a London-based plastic surgeon is certainly varied!

Body Mass Index (BMI) versus waist-to-hip ratio

The most common method of assessing body weight in clinical practice is the body mass index (BMI), however many studies now show that BMI is a poor discriminator of cardiovascular risk at an individual level and should not be used as the sole measure of obesity.

Weight Loss Surgery Commericals - Coming to the UK any day soon?

We see endless TV adverts relating to healthy eating, various diet plans or fitness videos, but I wonder how long it will be before we see advertisements for more drastic measures such as obesity or bariatric surgery (like the one below) on UK television screens?