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The Complete Guide to Dental Implants

The Complete Guide to Dental Implants

Dental Implants are becoming one of the most popular dental procedures. Due to the rise of digital dentistry, the dental world is changing. Treatments are becoming more advanced as well as accessible.

Smartphone selfies don’t tell the ‘tooth’ about your smile say dentists

A London based dental clinic, the London Smile Clinic, has seen a 30% rise in patients wanting cosmetic dental treatment so that they look better in ‘selfies’. 

What Issues Can be Rectified With Cosmetic Dentistry

Anyone with a bothersome or unsightly dental imperfection that affects the look of their smile can benefit from visiting a cosmetic dentist.

Dental Tooth Tattoos, the latest Extreme Body Art?

Have you run out of space on your skin? Well, maybe its time to consider a tattoo on your teeth! In fact last week the Daily Mail ran an article which asked if you were bored with body art and noted that tooth tattoos are becoming an emerging trend as people seek to decorate their mouths with images of their favourite things.