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Beware Discount Mole Removal Deals

Beware Discount Mole Removal Deals

We all love a bargain and the explosion of online discount sites has made it part of our culture to seek out deals.

Do not rely on mole diagnosis Apps - Your skin is too important!

One of the growth areas in smartphone and tablet apps over the last year or so has been in apps dedicated to health issues. There are now a number of apps dedicated to looking at skin moles which are designed to assess a mole on the basis of a photograph. Concerns have been raised about the accuracy of diagnosis; the danger of which is that a false diagnosis could lull clients into a false sense of security ? or cause undue concern.

Infographic: Facts About Moles

Cosmedics Skin Clinics have published an infographic entitled Facts About Moles in order to help raise awareness of the importance of mole checking and what to do if there are any doubts.

How to do a Self-Check for Moles

Spotting unusual moles early gives the best opportunity for intervention and cure if any abnormalities are identified. Here?s how to perform a thorough self-check for moles.

Be Alert for Moles After a Hot Summer

Most moles are of no medical concern, yet ?Malignant Melanoma? is a dangerous, cancerous form of mole. It is therefore very important to check regularly for any changing or new moles that can sometimes become more obvious after sun exposure.

FAQ: Hairy Moles

Moles on the skin come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Perhaps the worst kind of mole, aesthetically, is one that appears on the face and has hair sprouting.

Home Remedies / DIY mole removal - What you need to know

Home remedies and DIY mole removal - the dangers explained by Dr. Ross Perry.

Understanding Mole Removal for Patients. Options and Techniques

Mole removal surgery is a relatively straightforward procedure to do and with modern techniques and equipment the treatments are pain free and scarring is now much reduced for most procedures.

The Facts About Moles

Moles are a fact of life for most of the UK population. The medical name for a mole is a naevus; the plural is naevi. Moles are very common. While the average adult will have around 30 moles, some people have up to 400.