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Cosmetic Surgery Adverts and Love Island Reality TV, a Toxic Mix?

Cosmetic Surgery Adverts and Love Island Reality TV, a Toxic Mix?

Recently we have seen a backlash in the media against the reality TV programme Love Island for its portrayal of modern beauty ideals which are said to increase body image pressures amongst young women and children. Moreover, the biggest complaint came about the inclusion of adverts for cosmetic surgery clinics within the scheduled programming.

The dangers of not researching your cosmetic surgeon and what questions you should be asking before surgery

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BBC Apprentice Winner Dr Leah Totton Opens First London based Dr Leah Clinic

Yesterday I was pleased to attend a launch event for Londonderry native and Apprentice 2013 winner Dr Leah Totton as she officially cut the ribbon on the opening of her first venture into the UK aesthetic marketplace, with a new cosmetic skin clinic in Moorgate, London. This marks the start of her Dr Leah brand of clinics and skincare within the industry.

Should an Apprentice Run a Cosmetic Procedures Business?

There are several ironies involved in Dr Leah Totton winning The Apprentice. To BAPRAS she does indeed look like `The Apprentice` when it comes to offering cosmetic procedures.

Holby City NHS Doctor moonlighting in facial aesthetics!

Im a big Holby City fan. One of the characters Dr Sacha Levy is desperately trying to please his new girlfriend as shes got her eyes set on a new house. But heres the rub he cant afford it on his regular doctors salary. So hes decided to do a little bit of moonlighting by doing fillers and Botox".