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The dangers of dichotomising food

The dangers of dichotomising food

This might seem a tad controversial to some, especially coming from a nutritionist, but I’m going to say it… ALL foods have a place in our diet, that’s right all of them.

Adequate hydration diet for healthy skin

I believe that education plays just as important a role in helping our patients to feel happier in their own skin. One of the key topics I like to cover with patients is the importance of diet, and the impact that the food we eat can have on our skin.

Vitamin D - The Sunshine Vitamin

We?re constantly warning of the damaging and ageing effect of the sun?s rays on our skin, but in avoiding sun exposure, could we be doing ourselves more harm than good?

Exercise sculpting vs. cosmetic enhancements: Effective options to deal with your body fat

Can I get the look that I want for less? Can it really be done? We discuss the two approaches to reducing body fat and sculpting your body to get a slimmer, slender and more attractive figure for your body.

The truth about juice detox programmes

Juice detoxes are they all they`re cracked up to be? Advocates of juice fasts / detoxes / cleanses (whatever you wish to call them) claim that they allow for safe, effective detoxification, weight loss and improvements in an endless list of health ailments. Opponents state that they are unnecessary and can lead to nutrient deficiencies and potential health problems.

It`s time to break up...with sugar

For a long time now you`ve been in an abusive relationship - with sugar. You can read more about it in my book: Future Proof Your Skin. Breaking the addiction from sugar certainly changed my life and it can change yours too.

The importance of addressing diet with liposuction patients

A survey published in the Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons revealed that 80% of liposuction patients said they were satisfied with the results of their surgery. However, in that same survey, nearly half of those patients said they re-gained weight in subsequent months; not because the procedure didn?t work, but because they didn?t take the necessary steps to maintain their new figure.

Slimming, sleeping and anti-ageing supplements, beneath the celebrity hype

A recent article revealed what they describe as a new weapon in the anti-ageing arsenal of A list celebrities. Nutrient supplements claiming to reduce body fat are always popular but with so many brands on the market it can be hard to know which ones work and which are just hype.

Festive Christmas food can include tasty treats for skin health and anti-ageing

The party season is hotting up, Christmas is just 10 days away and with it comes the threat of late nights, too many glasses of champagne and countless mince pies. Whilst Christmas should involve indulgence, not all indulgences have to have a negative impact on our waistline and visage.

Are You Addicted to Carbs?

For a long time, we have waged diet wars against fats believing that eating fat will make us fat. However, evidence now shows that it is in fact sugars and refined carbohydrates that cause us to pile on the pounds.

Phytonutrients and Skin Health

Phytonutrients (also known as phytochemical) literally means a `nutrient from a plant`. They are being linked with a wide variety of health claims including the prevention and improvement of various cancers, heart disease, memory loss, and osteoporosis as well as skin conditions and the process of skin ageing.

Operative Diets: What you eat before and after cosmetic surgery determines how you heal

Patients need to be especially vigilant about what they eat before and after surgery. Surgery places numerous stresses on the body. Good nutrition is essential for expediting wound healing, reducing risk of infection and scarring, and optimising desired results.

Is a low calorie diet the real non-surgical approach to delaying the ageing process?

In order to achieve a truly youthful complexion, it is vital that we consider what goes on inside our bodies too. A nutritious diet is fundamental in optimizing skin health and preventing ageing.

The beauty trade-off: Would you trade a year of your life to acheive your ideal weight?

Earlier this year The Succeed Foundation conducted research into the importance female university students place on appearances and in a modern day Faustian tale, discovered that 30% of women would trade at least one year of their life to achieve their ideal body weight and shape. What would you trade?

Does Liposuction reduce the risk of heart disease and high cholesterol?

does Liposuction to remove excess fat going to prevent heart disease? Many people think this is true - if weights is a factor of heart disease that surely removing the fat from excercise of liposuction is the same right? This is not true.

When failing to lose weight is NOT your fault

I can appreciate when I hear people say "Why aren't I losing as much weight as I want to?" Not alot of weight per say but stubborn fat, and then I saw this about POP - which may be sabotaging our efforts to losing weight.

The Fresh Diet - A prescription for feeling healthy?

The Fresh Diet is the latest diet to hit the headlines in the U.S and its no wonder with its website promoting weight loss of up to 4 pounds in the first week alone.