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Cosmetic Surgery Abroad - The Risks of Medical Tourism

Cosmetic Surgery Abroad - The Risks of Medical Tourism

For those thinking of getting cosmetic surgery, getting it done abroad may seem like an appealing option.

The dangers of not researching your cosmetic surgeon and what questions you should be asking before surgery

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Understanding the Risks of Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

Recent reports indicate that health tourism and in particular the phenomenon of patients travelling abroad for cosmetic surgery procedures is on the rise. Some common issues which may arise and pitfalls to be aware of when patients travel abroad for cosmetic surgery include.

Sandcastles, Sightseeing and Surgery - Summers over but is medical tourism here to stay?

As the summer draws to a close and the beach resorts of Spain and the canaries are closing for the winter, have you given any thought to your next getaway? For some people, a holiday is about more than sandcastles and sightseeing its about cheap cosmetic surgery.

France reverses the decision to Ban all Non-Surgical Lipolysis

Recently, we reported that the French High Authority on Health (HAS) had prohibited the use of all non-surgical Lipolysis cosmetic procedures. However, The French Supreme court issued an injunction against the decree citing inconsistencies in the broad range of excluded practices

Want to inject dermal fillers and botulinum toxins but dont have any experience? In Sweden thats no problem.

It seems the controversial debate surrounding the question of whether or not Beauty Therapists should be allowed to administer Cosmetic Injectables has had the entire industry talking. While this debate rages on here in the UK the answer to who is allowed to inject Injectables in Sweden is easy: Anyone!

Non-Surgical Lipolysis Banned in France

According to an article in French magazine Anti-Age, the French High Authority of Health (HAS) has recently prohibited the use of a variety of different lipolysis (fat killing) cosmetic procedures.

Cosmetic surgery is Surgery - making the right choice.

It has been a strained week for the cosmetic surgery industry. A UK plastic surgeon is being sued for 54 million by a patient for a facelift gone wrong. A young british woman dies after travelling to American to have injections to enlarge her buttocks in a hotel room.

How to have cosmetic surgery abroad SAFELY

Why do people travel abroad for cosmetic surgery. Well, unfortunately, in most cases it is to save money. And this is fundamentally the wrong way to approach any surgery, let alone surgery abroad in unfamiliar surroundings. So how can you travel to a world expert abroad and have a safe, and successful experience?