Laser Treatment For Vascular Problems

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Looking for a cosmetic laser clinic in Wales? Here’s what you need to know

Looking for a cosmetic laser clinic in Wales? Here’s what you need to know

Knowing how to safely choose a provider of cosmetic laser treatments, such as hair or tattoo removal, can be a tricky task – but if you live in Wales, then the Healthcare Inspectorate Wales have made it a lot easier to protect yourself from unscrupulous cowboys.

How to choose a laser clinic in our current unregulated market.

Deciding you would like to have a cosmetic procedure done is the easy part But how confident would you be at choosing a cosmetic clinic?

Rosacea: why seeking out the right treatment is important

Many women come and see me in my clinic with ?breakouts?, thinking that these spots and pimples are acne. However, on examination and taking a thorough history, it often turns out that they don?t have acne, but rosacea. This is a chronic (i.e. persistent) skin condition that can look very similar to acne, but might need a different form of treatment.

Indocyanine (ICG) Green Dye shown to increase effectiveness of laser treatment for leg thread veins

A recent study by German researchers has shown that the addition of indocyanine green (ICG) a medical pigment increased the results achievable with diode laser therapy in the treatment of telangiectatic leg veins, thread veins present in the legs, without incurring any short term to medium term side effects.

Laser treatment of venous lakes

Venous lakes are dark blue to violet compressible small swelling caused by dilatation of venules. These are common on sun-exposed skin. They also commonly occur on lips and are uncommon before 50 years of age.

My favourite non-surgical treatment - Fractional C02 Laser

New technologies are being launched all the time and the challenge for practitioners is to look beyond the marketing and separate the good science from the bad. We aquire aesthetic equipment only after careful research and so far have been very pleased.

Treatment of thread and spider veins on legs. Sclerotherapy and lasers.

Unsightly leg veins can be a problem for millions of men and women, the world over. It is estimated that in many areas over 60 percent of the adult population suffers from varicose veins, thread veins or spider veins.

Treatment of facial veins with laser and light based treatments

Facial redness and spider veins are a common cosmetic and medical complaint. Numerous treatments are available but laser and light based treatments are the gold-standard treatment options.