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Should beauty therapists be injecting dermal fillers & botulinum toxins?

Should beauty therapists be injecting dermal fillers & botulinum toxins?

This is not a new debate, not by a long shot, but it is one which never seems to go very far away. As the aesthetic industry has grown, so has the number, and variety, of practitioners now offering injectable facial fillers and botulinum toxins to the public at large. We have raised the debate before about why cosmetic injectables should only be performed by doctors, nurses, dentists and some types of pharmacists.

Cosmetic Consultations Part 2: Client Suitability for Treatment

In order to provide suitable treatment to your clients, a successful consultation must first take place. Once your client?s expectations have been established and discussed, then it is important to consider your client?s suitability for treatment.

Cosmetic Consultations Part 1: Managing Client Expectations

A successful consultation is the foundation of any aesthetic treatment. In order to achieve client satisfaction, the practitioner must first understand what the client wishes to achieve.

Examples of poor medical care and medical negligence claims

Medical negligence claims have risen over the years. There are many different reasons for making a claim, but some cases are more surprising ? even shocking ? than others.

Top tips for choosing a cosmetic practitioner & treatment

It may be useful when considering cosmetic treatments to follow the following basic guidelines.

How to choose a laser clinic in our current unregulated market.

Deciding you would like to have a cosmetic procedure done is the easy part. After all, most of us are quite clear and confident as to what we would change if only we had a magic wand. But how confident would you be at choosing a cosmetic clinic?

Safety in the Beauty Industry - Cowboys and Outlaws - Time to put away the six guns?

The current round of concern and outpouring about `cosmetic cowboys` in the unregulated surgical and non-surgical cosmetics industries first started after the PIP scandal in 2012, and after two years of media outrage and government reviews has amounted to very little. The Department of Health`s response to the report by Sir Bruce Keogh, a review of the Regulation of Cosmetic Interventions in England, clearly shows that there is, indeed, very little appetite for change. What there is, though, is a hunger for practitioner certified training and public education

Why Don't More People Offer MicroLipo?

It's often asked why more clinics don't offer MicroLipo over laser lipo and VASER Lipo. My answer; they really should. MicroLipo is a minimally invasive fat removal and body contouring procedure that`s gaining momentum as people look towards the least invasive, painful procedures with as little downtime as possible without sacrificing on results.

Quasi medical people are seemingly learning how to administer `Botox` on LinkedIn chat forums!

A worrying trend could be the avoidance of training courses entirely; I mean who needs training in medical aesthetics when you can learn it all from aesthetic themed forums such as the many on the business networking site LinkedIn.

Should an Apprentice Run a Cosmetic Procedures Business?

There are several ironies involved in Dr Leah Totton winning The Apprentice. To BAPRAS she does indeed look like `The Apprentice` when it comes to offering cosmetic procedures.

Continuing Personal or Professional Development and the CPD Certification Service, What's it All About?

Continuing Personal or Professional Development (CPD) is the term used to describe; the undertaking of a structured and planned approach to post-qualification further learning throughout the career path. CPD is a formal requirement for anyone who is a member of a professional body.

Safer Injectables Campaign launched by Dr. Hilary Jones and Treatments You Can Trust to raise public awareness of 'Botox Cowboys'

Dr. Hilary Jones has joined forces with Baroness Trish Morris of Bolton, Chair of to launch a new Safer Injectables Campaign to the public. Treatments You Can Trust is concerned that patients are at risk from so called `Botox Cowboys`.

Why you should only have fillers done by a Doctor/Nurse and not a Beauty Therapist

Cosmetic Doctor, Dr. Mervyn Patterson has released a very useful infographic to explain the issues and dangers from seeking dermal filler treatments via un-medically qualifed Beauty Therapists as compared to medically trained Doctors and Nurses.

CTIA rapped by DWP for claiming government funding for beauty therapist injectable training

An organisation set up to campaign for inclusion of beauty therapists in the lucrative facial aesthetics marketplace has been reprimanded for claiming government backing for its cosmetic injectable training courses aimed at beauty therapists.

Podiatrists Injecting Botox! Just where does the foot end?

Some training companies are openly targeting and promoting training courses in prescription only botulinum toxins (Botox) and dermal fillers direct to Healthcare Professionals, those registered as Podiatrists.

The Curse of Leslie Ash: Permanent Fillers cause Permanent Problems

When you set up your own Medical Aesthetics practise, you will quickly find a Ghost that haunts you. You will particularly experience her looming shadow if you decide to offer lip filler treatments. But we can pretty much guarantee that her name will crop up over and over regardless. I dont want to end up looking like Leslie Ash!: it is a plea from your clients that will become all-too familiar. joins the debate on Cosmetic Injectables and non-medically qualified people

Sally Taber responds to the CTIA's stance that Aesthetic Therapists are the "best practitioners" for the job when it comes to cosmetic injectables

Identifying Advanced Nurse Practitioners working in Aesthetic Medicine

The role of the Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) is constantly evolving and many ANPs work like doctors, in that they assess, diagnose, prescribe medication and treat patients; surely it is now time for the NMC register to provide a distinction between newly qualified nurses and an ANP?

How to choose the best Aesthetics Training Company in 3 steps.

When you're looking for an injectable training company to invest in your new career, there are three things you really want to know to ensure that you're going to get good value. With Facebook reviews it's even possible to see that the testimonials are by real people. Invest wisely and save yourself a fortune!