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Do you know the Clinical Waste Code? Part 8: The Black Code

Do you know the Clinical Waste Code? Part 8: The Black Code

Having “Followed the Colour Code” to the end with Initial Medical, we take a look at the final colour in the coding system - black.

Do you know the Clinical Waste Code? Part 7: The Purple Code

We continue to “Follow the Colour Code” with blogs from Initial Medical, this time looking at purple...

Do you know the Clinical Waste Code? Part 6: The Tiger Code

Following Initial Medical’s “Follow the Colour Code” blog series on clinical waste management, we consider the meaning of tiger…

Do you know the Clinical Waste Code? Part 5: The Red Code

Next in Initial Medical’s “Follow the Colour Code” blog series on clinical waste management, we’re seeing red…

Do you know the Clinical Waste Code? Part 4: The Yellow Code

As part of Initial Medical’s ‘Follow the Colour Code’ blogs on clinical waste management, here we look at yellow…

Do you know the Clinical Waste Code? Part 3: The White Code

Next in Initial Medical’s ‘Follow the Colour Code’ clinical waste blog series, it’s important to be whiter than white…

Do you know the Clinical Waste Code? Part 2: The Blue Code

Continuing Initial Medical’s series of ‘Follow the Colour Code’ blogs discussing safe and effective waste segregation management and disposal, we consider the colour blue…

Do you know the Clinical Waste Code? Part 1: The Orange Code

Initial Medical brings you a series of blogs as part of its ‘Follow the Colour Code’ campaign’ discussing the colour coding system for waste segregation management and disposal. To kick off, here we look at orange…

The Development of Nitrile Gloves in the Medical Industry

Tthe development of the humble glove has probably been the fastest, the most dramatic and yet the most understated of scientific developments. Saving lives through cutting infection rates, offering protection etc. the surgeon?s glove, like the first flight of aviation, has come through turbulent times but today, it is a huge business with pressures and challenges driving its development.

Why is accuracy in documenting patients' record so essential?

Patient documentation is not only a legal requirement, but forms part of good practice and the process of keeping patients safe. Although both the medical and nursing professions have guidance in patient documentation, in practice medical notes are often imprecise and incomplete.

Introducing Consulting Room's Business Hub for Aesthetic Professionals

The Consulting Room has created a new Business Hub within the Members Area of The Consulting Room by aggregating a great many resources with a business theme from past member magazines, our SMART Ideas events, as well as getting input from third party companies and individuals who work in the aesthetics sector.

Find quality staff for your aesthetic businesses with Cosmetic Recruitment

The Consulting Room is proud to announce the launch of, a new website within our existing aesthetic services portfolio, dedicated to providing a simple recruitment process for both employers and candidates looking for a job within the aesthetic industry.

What is All The Fuss About Google Plus?

Google+ (pronounced and sometimes written as Google Plus) is a social networking and identity service. Why is Google+ important if you are in business?

Be SMART in 2015 - Why planning for next year`s success is critical and how we can help

Our SMART IDEAS events in London and Manchester in January provide an ideal opportunity for you to sit down at the beginning of 2015 for a day and learn about some of the latest strategies to grow your business from people who have proven expertise in working in the aesthetic industry.

GroupOff! You just don't get something for nothing. Mystery Shopper for hair removal through Groupon

As clinic owners, my partner Paul Stapleton and I are often taken aback by new-provider claims regarding their own services. Recently, we became so fed up with the claims being made by a competitor that we decided to take advantage of a Groupon offer, we paid our ?99 and sent someone along to find out all about their service.

Rise of Teenage Botox

The rise of teenagers demanding anti wrinkle injections should worry everyone in the industry. Some clinics in the UK are reporting parents accompanying their teenage children to the clinic in the mistaken belief that they can provide consent for their child.

RCN drops indemnity cover for aesthetic practice from this Summer

At the beginning of February 2014, the Royal College of Nurses (RCN) announced some changes to their medical indemnity scheme for both employed and self-employed nurses which will take effect from 1st July 2014.

BBC Apprentice Winner Dr Leah Totton Opens First London based Dr Leah Clinic

Yesterday I was pleased to attend a launch event for Londonderry native and Apprentice 2013 winner Dr Leah Totton as she officially cut the ribbon on the opening of her first venture into the UK aesthetic marketplace, with a new cosmetic skin clinic in Moorgate, London. This marks the start of her Dr Leah brand of clinics and skincare within the industry.

What to look for when hiring a web design agency

The intention of this blog is to provide you with five tips you can use when hiring a website design agency for your cosmetic or aesthetic business. When you finish reading it you will hopefully know what to ask, what to look out for and how to get the best out of your supplier.

Botox - When branding becomes as commonly used as a `hoover`

Now Botox for Hair is the latest product to ride on the success of an already well established brand, but for how much longer.

Does your website do what it is suppose to do? Tips for your home page.

Recent research says you have less than 10 seconds to impress your visitor convince them to stay on your website. Here are my 5 things you should include on your home page.

Free Cosmetic Surgery Consultations or No Free Consultations?

It is a question that has divided plastic surgeons. Should we offer free consultations or not. The arguments for free consultations, the arguments against free consultations and the third way ? free mini consultations.

Medical Defence Union (MDU) Announces it Won`t Cover Non-FDA Approved Dermal Fillers in its Indemnity Policy

The MDU, Medical Defence Union, the UK's leading medical defence organisation has announced some important changes to the provision of medical indemnity for those involved in facial aesthetics and the service provision of dermal fillers.

When a Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Goes into Administration

The Harley Medical Centre Limited has gone into administration. Where does that leave those of its patients who have been dissatisfied with their treatment? This blog addresses the relationship between patients and the providers of cosmetic surgery services, in the light of the news that The Harley Medical Centre Limited has gone into administration.

Podcast: Cosmetic Business Strategies

In this Podcast Adrian Richards talks to Ron Myers from The Consulting Room. They discuss business strategies within the Cosmetic Industry.

Allergan Wins Legal Battle to stop sales of Botox Rival, Xeomin by Merz in the United States

It was announced this week that Allergan Inc. who manufacture the anti-wrinkle drug, Botox have won a court order in Santa Ana, California, USA which blocks one of their rivals in the botulinum toxin world, Merz Pharma from selling its neurotoxin product Xeomin, which recently received FDA approval in August 2011 for the treatment of glabellar (frown lines) and was due for commercial launch for cosmetic use in America at the upcoming American Academy of Dermatology (ADD) annual meeting.

Merz Aesthetics announces FDA approval of Xeomin

Merz Aesthetics announces FDA approval of Xeomin (incobotulinumtxina) for the temporary improvement in the appearance of moderate to severe glabellar lines in adult patients.

Business Blogging For Traffic in the Medical Aesthetic Industry

Over the last decade blogging has become increasingly popular, with Quantcast reporting that as of June 2010 had 11.4 million blogs hosted by the site and blogpulse reporting that there are currently over 160 billion identified blogs live on the Internet at the moment!

Cosmetic Surgery Network Consultants A New Home Based Business Opportunity!

Do you want to break into the cosmetic industry? Do you want to work from home, control your own hours and be your own boss? Well it seems the Surgery Network has the solution. Aimed at stay at home Mums and people who want to start a home-based business, is offering their proven business formula to turn you into an aesthetic surgery expert.

`Botox Party` domain hawked for sale

This week, an interesting email landed in my inbox; it read: the domain name that we have on sale is ready to drive substantial traffic and new business to you. Sounds like a great idea at first glance perhaps, and it is true that keyword rich domains perform well organically within the likes of Google for someones chosen primary keywords, but there are of course two major ethical and legal issues to this particular website domain.

Podcast: An update on developments in the UK Cosmetic Industry April 2011

Adrian Richards and Ron Myers from The Consulting Room discuss recent events in the UK Cosmetic Industry.

Academy of Cosmetic Training bows out of non-medic Botox training

Back in August 2010 we covered the story of a company based in Warrington called The Academy of Cosmetic Training who were offering training courses in the administration of Botox and dermal fillers to non-medics. A recent visit to the website for The Academy of Cosmetic Training ( revealed that the companys own declarations and activities have indeed caused their downfall.

Should Botox jabs really be available in a high street branch of Superdrug?

This month, the UKs second largest high street health and beauty retail chemist chain, Superdrug announced that it would be offering cosmetic treatments including botulinum toxin and dermal filler injections at two of its stores in Kensington, West London and Milton Keynes.

Podcast: An update on recent developments in the UK cosmetic industry - Part 2

This is the first part of a 2 episode interview in which Adrian Richards and Ron Myers discuss: how to use Google Places to increase local traffic to your website, how to use web microsites to target specific business, how to check if your website is well optimised and more.

Podcast: An update on recent developments in the UK cosmetic industry - Part 1

This is the first part of a 2 episode interview in which Adrian Richards and Ron Myers discuss: Their feedback from recent meetings in Barcelona and London The pros and cons of including fat reducing treatments, skin lesion removal and varicose vein procedures in your clinic The risk of potential litigation from any comments you make online.

Coming Soon - European Standards for Aesthetic Surgical Procedures?

I was invited to speak at a recent meeting on the subject of Cosmetic Surgery Trends. The main focus of the meeting revolved around the lack of effective regulation for various aspects of the cosmetic market. European countries face similar problems which have resulted in a drive towards trying to harmonise standards across the EU for cosmetic treatments.

Podcast: VAT Should You Register?

In this podcast Adrian Richards discusses the thorny issue of VAT with Ron Myers. Some practitioners are under investigation by the VAT man and may be liable for significant back payments.

Tried to get the last bit out of a bottle of Azzalure and failed? Here's a tip!

Many practitioners have been concerned about the amount of wastage that they are encountering when using the Azzalure botulinum toxin vials, as they simply cant get the last drops out!

Podcast: Which Organisations should you join?

In this podcast Adrian Richards talks to Ron Myers from The Consulting Room about the growing number of professional organisations in the Cosmetic Medicine Industry in the UK. They discuss which professional bodies to join and the three main reasons why.

Treatments You Can Trust Launches to the Public but BAAPS Condemns it as State Sponsored Marketing

The Independent Healthcare Advisory Services (IHAS) Register of Injectable Cosmetic Providers (Quality Assurance Mark) officially launches to the general public today (Monday 13th September), yet the scheme is already courting disapproval from the UKs largest surgeon association, namely the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS).

Botox Deals: Is Cut Price Marketing Applicable for Medical Treatments?

I noticed a recent advert today on the website a new site offering special one day only offers provided in conjunction with local businesses advertising in your city. The Deal of the Day was promoting an offer of 80 instead of 220 for skin smoothing injections in 2 areas of the face.

Chinese Botox - at $20 a vial, no wonder some doctors are tempted!

Have you been emailed with an offer to buy cheap botulinum toxin type A direct from China? Well you're not alone. We look at the growing market targeting Western Europe for sales of generic cosmetic injectable products at a fraction of the mainstream prices.

Cash For Gold... now there's Botox For Gold!

One U.S. clinic has tapped into the global phenomenon of selling off unwanted gold for cash by offering a unique service to its patients whereby they can trade their unwanted or broken gold, silver or platinum jewellery in exchange for cash towards beauty treatments, including the wrinkle busting drug Botox.

Podcast: Remote prescribing - is it allowed?

In this podcast Adrian Richards talks to Ron Myers from The Consulting Room about remote prescribing, a controversial issue within the Aesthetics industry.

Podcast: What price to charge for your treatments

In this podcast Adrian Richards talks to Ron Myers from The Consulting Room about the prices he recommends you charge for you Botox and dermal filler treatments.

Podcast: Maximise your patient retention rate

In this podcast Adrian Richards talks to Ron Myers from The Consulting Room for the 3rd in the series on Practice Management issues about maximising patient retention.

Podcast: How to increase the number of enquiries

In this podcast Adrian Richards talks to Ron Myers from The Consulting Room about the best ways to increase the number of new patients who contact you.

Podcast: Setting up your business

In this podcast Adrian Richards asks Ron Myers from The Consulting Room about tips that he thinks are important to consider prior to starting your aesthetics business.

Podcast: How to market your business online

In this podcast Adrian Richards talks to Ron Myers from The Consulting Room about how you can maximise the success of your online efforts.

Podcast: How does legislation affect you

In this podcast Adrian Richards talks to Ron Myers from The Consulting Room about the thorny issue of legislation within the Aesthetics industry.

Thinking of opening a franchise but not sure where to start?

DepiCool have provided you with a useful 5 point summary on how to choose the right franchise for you.

Podcast: Recommended training courses and reading materials

Ongoing training and educstion are vitally important in to stay ahead in the Cosmetics industry. In this podcast Adrian Richards talks to Ron Myers from The Consulting Room and they advise you on the best ways to do this.

To PR or not to PR?

No this isnt about an essential part of any surgical examination (as my professor used to insist), but more about should we as doctors use a PR agency or not.

Don't let the Beauty Editors educate your clients

Information and education to your client is so important to help them understand the procedure they are having and the results that can be achieved.