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Dr Claire Oliver



Dr Oliver is an advanced cosmetic injector and is one of the Midlands’s leading aesthetics practitioners. Dr Oliver has dedicated her professional career to the study of skin health and ageing and is passionate that healthy skin really is at the heart of looking good and feeling great.

Having trained with many high profile injectors such as Dr Zein Obagi (Beverly Hills) and Mauricio de Maio (Brazil) she is respected by her peers for the natural results she achieves in non-surgical facial rejuvenation. Dr Oliver has been selected to work with a number of revolutionary non-surgical treatments in the Midlands; to permanently reduce fat, contour body shape and tighten or lift facial and body skin.

Dr Oliver holds Key Opinion Leader roles for a number of non-surgical treatments and clinical skincare brands. Her commitment to ongoing personal and team training with key industry experts is reflective of her passion to continually raise standards and introduce the innovative best practices to the industry.

Web Address: http://airaesthetics.co.uk Email Address: hello@airaesthetics.co.uk

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The tooth-whitening situation is confusing for Dentists let alone the general public. Is it legal? Can non-dentists provide it? What concentration is safe/legal?