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Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert, is a journalist and consumer campaigner who created

He's the UK's most internet searched man, Citizens Advice's Consumer Champion of the year has spearheaded major financial justice campaigns including bank charges reclaiming (over 6m template letters downloaded) and PPI reclaiming (over 1m). He has regular slots as the resident expert on Daybreak, Lorraine, This Morning, Radio 2's Vine, Radio 5's consumer panel, BBC1 Watchdog, among others.

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PIP breast implant refunds via credit card companies, will it work for everyone?

Theres big news that a woman got a refund off Lloyds TSB for her PIP breast implants which had burst. This happened as shed paid on a credit card and the purchase cost over 100, meaning under Section 75 law the card company is jointly liable for anything going wrong with the product. This has given welcome hope to many worried about implants Ive quickly knocked out some thoughts and clarification on what hope this brings to others.