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Dr Terry Loong

After successfully recovering from early stage cervical cancer and an emotional breakdown at the age of 29 years old, Dr Terry changed the way she practised in her clinic, helping women to prevent premature aging and helping them redefine their experience as they grow older.

Dr Terry graduated from Guy’s, King’s and St. Thomas’ Hospital, London in 2002 and completed her postgraduate qualifications with the Royal College of Surgeons. Due to her passion for beauty, she concentrated her efforts in cosmetic medicine, providing more natural non-surgical procedures in putting the twinkle back in her client’s eyes and a step in their walk again. She has also studied from top leaders in the antiaging, aesthetic and alternative health industry, providing a holistic approach to youth.

With her gentle touch and artistic eye, Dr Terry strives to provide the best advise, treatment and care for her clients. She is best known for understanding her clients, being fully supportive throughout and giving them educated choices. Working with her team at Harley Street, she leaves her clients feeling amazing, confident and feeling completely taken care of. 

Dr Terry is a member of the Independent Doctors Federation, Institute of Functional Medicine, British Menopause Society, British College of Aesthetic Medicine and the Royal Society of Medicine. 

Web Address: https://drterryloong.com/ Email Address: hello@DrTerryLoong.com

Threads of Life, Using PDO Threads and PRP to Stimulate Collagen

Unlike dermal fillers, threads create a lifting effect, whilst stimulating collagen at the same time. But this is not the only ingredient for Threads of Life - I also team the PDO Threads with PRP for its healing properties.

Do you like your Doctor?

Doctors, in this era are not only doctors but also teachers. They instil questions within all of us to be curious and aware on how our environment and past conditioning affect our current and future health. To teach us and to be our partners in health. To me, I believe everyone can be their own doctor.

When failing to lose weight is NOT your fault

I can appreciate when I hear people say "Why aren't I losing as much weight as I want to?" Not alot of weight per say but stubborn fat, and then I saw this about POP - which may be sabotaging our efforts to losing weight.