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Chantalle Coombes

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Chantalle Coombes

Chantalle Coombes is the clinical trainer for Aesthetic Academy + and offers training across the country. In addition to running a clinic, she focuses on providing training in aesthetic treatments. After working for one of the UK leading distributors of dermal fillers, she has gone on to set up a well respected and successful training company.

Chantalle's focus is sharply towards competence and strong ethics, combined with a great passion for her delegates' needs. Ensuring that her delegates attend her free networking events and are encouraged to take part in building their competency through CPD workshops and mentoring.

Aesthetic Academy+ strives towards offering flawless training with plenty of hands on practical sessions with the aim of helping delegates to practice in aesthetics competently and effectively and offering superior back up and support.

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How to choose the best Aesthetics Training Company in 3 steps.

When you're looking for an injectable training company to invest in your new career, there are three things you really want to know to ensure that you're going to get good value. With Facebook reviews it's even possible to see that the testimonials are by real people. Invest wisely and save yourself a fortune!

Would you allow a non-medical person to inject you? I know I wouldn't.

I believe that if you have a medical background you are best placed to offer non-surgical injectable treatments. I believe this, the Independent HealthCare Advisory Service (IHAS) believe this, reputable insurance companies believe this and so do the clients and medical practitioners I've asked.