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Dr Sean Cummings


Sean qualified in 1986 at University College London. He has very wide experience working in Paediatrics; Obstetrics and gynaecology; Accident Emergency Medicine and General Medicine. He became a GP in 1990. He set up Freedomhealth in 1997 as a small private practice. It has grown exponentially since. Sean’s main interests are in Sexual Health and also careful reconstructive aesthetics for patients with facial wasting due to diseases such as HIV or cancers. With over 20 years of experience in medicine, he is convinced that a very personal approach is the key to a good doctor-patient relationship.

Sean is an expert in advanced facial reconstruction following wasting illnesses such as hepatitis C, HIV and others using a range of injectable products including Bio-Alcamid, Restylane Sub Q and botulinum toxin.

Web Address: http://www.freedomhealth.co.uk Email Address: sean@freedomhealth.co.uk

Bio-Alcamid, My Experience

I read Dr Delamaines article on her problems with Bio-Alcamid with both interest and sympathy. I was pleased to be asked to contribute to the discussion on Bio-Alcamid.

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) for treating skin cancers and pre-cancerous conditions

Some of you may have seen Amanda Platell's article in the Daily Mail about Photodynamic Therapy (PDT for short) and the treatment of skin cancers and skin pre-cancers. In essence the article described the use of chemicals applied to the skin which then make rapidly growing skin cancer cells very susceptible to the damaging effects of particular light sources.

The Club of Seven

My company was the first to register with the TreatmentsYouCanTrust scheme and to date were part of an elite Club of Seven. Only seven companies or practitioners have registered.