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Sally Taber

Sally Taber is the Director of the Independent Healthcare Advisory Services which maintains the only impartial network serving the operational needs of the independent healthcare industry in the four UK countries. At the request of the government she is taking forward a cosmetic industry self regulation model for the use of botulinum toxins and dermal fillers.


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VAT: Don`t get caught out

The BACD, IHAS and leading businesses in the sector have been working with the accountants BDO LLP to challenge the recent HMRC annoucement to tax cosmetic surgery, but it seems likely that this will need to be challenged in the Courts.

Group Deals: Dont Be Fooled By Bargain Botox

In response to a Wowcher advert that advertised discount Botox treatments in the Metro in violation of the Advertising Standards Authority recommendations, IHAS are warning not to subscribe to these potentially unsafe and misleading deals. joins the debate on Cosmetic Injectables and non-medically qualified people

Sally Taber responds to the CTIA's stance that Aesthetic Therapists are the "best practitioners" for the job when it comes to cosmetic injectables

Treatments You Can Trusts tries to get message across on ITV Daybreak

Sally Taber, Head of the Independent Healthcare Advisory Services which is behind the Treatments You Can Trust Quality Assurance Scheme for Cosmetic Injectable Providers took the message about cosmetic injectables to ITV's Daybreak programme hosted by Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley.