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Madi Myers

Madi Myers ANutr is a Biological Science graduate (First Class) from the University of Reading. Having specialised in Microbiology she spent some time in New Zealand working in the Plant Pathology department of a government-owned Forest Research Institute. Madi then returned to the UK and gained a Masters in Human Nutrition from the University of Aberdeen; which is an Association for Nutrition accredited course.

She is passionate about education for all regarding healthy lifestyles to improve both physical and mental health and also how we can improve the sustainability of our diets. Madi's Master's research involved studying the psychology behind why we eat what we eat and methods of unhealthy habit disruption; she further gained the Professor Geraldine McNeill Prize for Best Research Project in Nutrition for this research.

I know from personal experience how damaging diet culture can be. I was once completely immersed in it, in what I call my ‘diet days’… I used to lull myself to sleep by counting how many calories I ate in a day, then drag myself on a 6am run because I ate ‘too much' the day before. Food rules dictated my whole life! 

This is why I’ve dedicated my time to training in intuitive eating, an evidence-based approach that can help you to feel more relaxed around food, more in tune with your own needs and better able to trust your body. 

This is the type of nutrition I advocate for and I’m helping to bring this approach to Scotland along with other fierce non-diet advocates! Our aim is to help people turn their backs on diet culture and make meaningful changes to their diet and lifestyle in ways that they actually want to keep up.

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The dangers of dichotomising food

This might seem a tad controversial to some, especially coming from a nutritionist, but I’m going to say it… ALL foods have a place in our diet, that’s right all of them.