Dr John Curran

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Dr John Curran

MB, BCH, BAO. MRCGP, DGM. DRCOG, Dip. Dermatology, FBCAM

Dr John Curran is the Lead Physician and Medical Director of the Aesthetic Skin Clinics. With experience in aesthetic medicine spanning over 20 years, John is one of just five doctors to be elected to Fellow of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine, by his colleagues. He has also served as President of the College and currently represents the College as Chair of the Ethics Committee.

He is a leader in his field, and is renowned amongst his colleagues for his astute research into new developments and technologies in the field of cosmetic dermatology.

A respected and highly accredited physician, Dr Curran specialises in cosmetic dermatology, cosmetic surgical procedures and other non-surgical therapies. He has a particular interest in Skin health, anti-ageing solutions, radiofrequency-based devices, laser treatments and dermatological surgery.

Web Address: http://www.askinclinic.co.uk/ Email Address: info@askinclinic.co.uk

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