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Dr Mark Aszkenasy

I've been working in Aesthetic Medicine since 2009 and achieved the full membership of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine in 2013. I run my own clinic in Heaton, Newcastle.

I qualified as a physician in 1982 at the Royal Free Hospital in London, and did training in general medicine, anaesthetics and paediatrics, gaining the Membership of the Royal College of Physicians, the Diploma of Child Health and the Diploma of Anaesthetics. I continued to work in Paediatrics until 2010, when I left the NHS to work independently as an aesthetic practitioner. Since then I haven't looked back - I love the practical aspects of aesthetic work, the satisfying results and the many smiles that one gets in a busy aesthetic clinic.

With my new lease on life after the NHS I've also developed interests in blogging, web design, photography, sketching and painting.

Web Address: http://www.yourbeautifulskin.co.uk Email Address:

Dermal fillers for facial scars

Sometimes facial scars can leave a hollowness in your skin. Dermal fillers can provide an effective treatment to reduce the impact of this kind of facial scar.

Can Dermapen micro-needling combined with PRP help acne scars?

Acne scars are one of the most permanent and distressing consequences of acne. So is there any way that these can be effectively treated without spending thousands of pounds on laser or deep chemical peels with all the risks involved with these procedures?

What is melasma and can a chemical peel help?

Melasma is a skin condition where the skin on your face makes too much of the brown pigment called melanin. Melasma can be treated with a combination of a series of superficial chemical peels and professional skincare products.

What Is the Best Botox Dose and Dilution for Forehead Wrinkles and Frown Lines?

What matters when you have your Botulinum toxin (Botox) is the overall number of units that you are given. Practitioners may choose to dilute their Botox with varying amounts of saline, and this will affect how far the Botox diffuses away from the injection site.

Treating Rosacea with Skin Creams

Rosacea is a long term skin condition that causes facial redness, thread veins and spider veins (known medically as telangiectasias). The results of clinical comparisons has shown that Azelaic acid cream is one of the most effective topical treatments.

What’s the difference between the different brands of Botulinum Toxin?

Clients often ask me what the difference is between the different brands of botulinum toxin that are available in the UK. Well, the bottom line is not a lot, except maybe in terms of pricing. Let me explain why.

How to avoid a bad Botox experience

You can have a bad botox experience if you are given too much or too little Botox, if it’s given in the wrong place, or if your provider is inadequately trained or is unscrupulous and using something other than one of the regulated forms of Botulinum Toxin.

What can go wrong with Dermal Fillers?

There are several kinds of dermal fillers. The most commonly used are the synthetic hyaluronic acid fillers. As more and more patients are treated more information is also becoming available about potential unwanted effects.

Study shows that microneedling with Minoxidil is an effective treatment for male-pattern baldness

Male-pattern baldness is the most common type of baldness. Study shows that microneedling with Minoxidil is an effective treatment for male-pattern baldness.

How much Botox is too much?

Choosing the correct dose for a particular patient is not as straightforward as your Botox course tutor might have you think.

Anti ageing effects of Tretinoin confirmed in a huge study

Trawling through research done years ago sometimes gives some surprising results. I was trying to find the results of clinical trials involving Tretinoin (a form of retinol, which is a Vitamin A-like substance), I found that there was a multicentre study of the effects of Tretinoin