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John Castro

John Castro is the founder and director of a specialist web marketing agency that focuses on websites and web marketing for the cosmetic and aesthetic healthcare industry. 

John has over six years experience in sales and marketing. He launched his digital marketing agency only 2 years ago and has gained vast traction. 2013 sees John and his team launch His 100% focus is to now supply cosmetic and aesthetic professionals with website and digital marketing services. 

His expertise now sees him be a regular contributor to The Consulting Room’s blog and newsletter, plus becoming a speaker to the industry on this very subject. His charisma, clarity and transparency will only see him become a valuable contribution to this industry.

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What to look for when hiring a web design agency

The intention of this blog is to provide you with five tips you can use when hiring a website design agency for your cosmetic or aesthetic business. When you finish reading it you will hopefully know what to ask, what to look out for and how to get the best out of your supplier.

Does your website do what it is suppose to do? Tips for your home page.

Recent research says you have less than 10 seconds to impress your visitor convince them to stay on your website. Here are my 5 things you should include on your home page.