ENDYMED Intensif My Latest Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

Posted on the 16 November 2021 at 12:17

ENDYMED Intensif: My Latest Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

The world of aesthetics is brimming with skin rejuvenation treatments, each one purporting to be better than the last. As a patient, this leaves you in danger of falling foul of the latest trends, with no real way of separating fact from fiction.

At Appearance Based Medicine, I am proud to offer an extensive treatment menu composed of solutions that have been proven to make a difference to patients engrossed in a battle with the ageing process. When you book in with me, I will always work tirelessly to find the best skin rejuvenation treatment for you and keep your goals and requirements in mind at every stage of the journey.

That brings me to ENDYMED Intensif, an advanced radiofrequency microneedling device ideal for the treatment of skin ageing, textural inconsistencies and deep wrinkles. The majority of my patients are those who are seeking skin rejuvenation treatments that go beyond fillers, and ENDYMED Intensif in its tightening of lax skin across all areas of the face and management of visible creases is perfect for meeting these requirements.

What Is ENDYMED Intensif?

ENDYMED Intensif performs radiofrequency microneedling treatments on all skin types to very high standards. By drawing on ENDYMED’s patented 3DEEP™ technology, this sophisticated device delivers energy to the skin’s deeper layers both safely and effectively. With a minimised risk of damage to the skin’s surface or the skin that surrounds the target area, treatment takes place quickly and is designed with patient comfort in mind.

In this procedure, radiofrequency and microneedling come together to transmit heat to the dermis, igniting the skin’s natural renewal processes to re-energise it from within. Once healthy new cells are produced, complexions will appear softer, smoother and more youthful.

Crucially, this device also specialises in tightening the skin around the eyes in a unique procedure known as Bleph Intensif –. This is a common concern for patients aged over 35.

Am I Suitable For ENDYMED Intensif?

Although suitable for patients of all ages, ENDYMED Intensif really comes into its own when tasked with the reduction of cellulite, various forms of skin laxity and many other appearance-based imperfections.

When you book in for a consultation for this skin rejuvenation treatment, I will determine your eligibility for an ENDYMED Intensif procedure. I will always take your preferences, needs and intended outcomes into account to ensure that I devise the appropriate course of action for you.

Typically, a course of 3 ENDYMED Intensif treatments will be advised. These will normally be spaced 4-5 weeks apart.

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