Just when you thought you'd seen it all before... along comes the Va-j-j Visor!

Posted on the 14 May 2010 at 10:15

Marketed as "the world's first vaginal shield for safer hair removal and tanning protection", the Va-j-j Visor is currently being promoted by Australian Bodycare UK Ltd to UK aesthetic clinics offering laser & IPL hair removal treatments.


Originating from America (where else!), the Va-j-j Visor, which we’re reliably informed by its creators is actually pronounced “Va-jay-jay”; not my initial pronunciation I have to admit, has been developed with assistance from a well respected U.S. gynaecologist.


Believe it or not, and I dare you not to laugh, the creators are very proud of the name that they finally chose for the device, stating:


“We settled on the name after rejecting other possibilities like The Clam Shell, The Beaver Dam, The Bonnie Bonnet, The Hoo Ha Hoodie and The Sister Hood, because we had long referred to this area of our anatomy as our Va j-j.”


So still chuckling? Thought so...


The device is marketed as; "...a revolutionary, patent pending, protective vaginal shield designed to help protect a woman's inner vulva area (inner labia, clitoris, and vaginal opening). The Va j-j Visor is a soft and flexible cup that covers the inner vulva area and naturally fits the shape of your body, while your body's natural muscular tension holds it effortlessly in place."


The ‘one size fits all’, single-use, Va-j-j Visor is designed to protect sensitive female genitalia during tanning and hair removal treatments (i.e., waxing, sugaring, depilatory creams, shaving, laser/IPL etc.) from the possibility of damage from harsh chemicals, burns and cuts. It can also be used as a hygienic shield while trying on swimwear or underwear, and for coverage and privacy during body piercings and tattooing.


The creators note that the Va j-j Visor should be comfortable if properly positioned and must feel secure prior to the application of any waxes or lotions, they highlight that to create a more powerful seal one can use lubricant (such as KY Jelly) or saliva for what they like to call the “lick it and stick it” method; I kid you not!


Retailing to the public for approximately £4 for a set of 3, the device is also available in professional salon pack quantities of 125 individually wrapped visors. Available in 3 colours: hot pink, lime green and purple - yes my first question was why too! The device is also produced in an opaque white version specifically designed and approved for use during laser/IPL hair removal to avoid any colour absorption from the light wavelength into the rubber which could otherwise cause heating.


So at a time when we’re all supposed to be obsessed with the spread of bacteria and infection; is this really the “perfect hygienic accessory for both therapist and client” or simply another consumable to add to the cost of treatment?


Is such a device even necessary for laser/IPL bikini line hair removal treatments?


Is it just a gimmick, more for client privacy than protection?


Has anyone out there tried it? Is anyone already offering this product to clients coming for hair removal treatments in their clinic, whether for traditional bikini waxing or laser/IPL sessions or seriously thinking about offering it to clients?


Let us know you thoughts, client or clinic.... seriously now!

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Yuk, can't imagine introducing the 'lick it and stick it' method into the protocols and discussing this with the CQC Inspector? And do they do a male version??
Don't think this is something we will be introducing into our clinic just yet!

Karen Sargeant

Hello! i have been using a home IPL unit for about a year now. I have treated my whole body, and have had great success. at first i was sceptical, but i had IPL done at the clinic on my legs and it worked very fast. So after researching online i found that i could get the same technology at home with the Viss unit. My bikini line took the longest to see results ( 5 treatments ), but i think that is because it is the thickest of the pubic hair on my body, but as of now i have been hair free down there with no re-growth for 6 months. So yes IPL works, and so does at home treatments!