Treatment Review: BioSkinJetting – My Story

Posted on the 19 September 2016 at 14:33

I recently went to MediZen for a BioSkinJetting treatment and here is my journey.

Here are some things you might need to know about me before I tell you my all about my experience with BioSkinJetting.

At 28, I’ve spent my time since my teenage years mostly sat in front of a screen – From a clunky old pc at university to my working days behind a laptop screen to the last few years attached to my iPhone. On the odd times I’m not glued to a screen I spend my time travelling, on my travels I take photos; lots and lots of photos. It was in these photos that I started to notice a line sneaking in between my eyebrows.

Here I am in Cambodia aged 24 and look at that forehead line sneaking in!

...and here again in Tuvalu aged 26 and although I have a new hair colour that pesky line is still there.

...and finally; the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. Here I am just a few short weeks ago aged 28. Me, my partner’s Mum and my frown line having a creative day out painting pottery!

A line. At 28. It was a deep line and getting deeper. The worst thing to me was that it was so visible when I smiled, so I decided to do something about it. Now you’re all caught up, let me take you through what happened...

Step 1. Finding the clinic

To me, safety and efficacy were my main concern, I’ve read the horror stories about what can potentially happen in the wrong hands and I didn’t fancy my face becoming a warning story. That’s why I decided I would put my trust in MediZen.

Step 2. Choosing the treatment

During my consultation, I talked with my practitioner about my options. I wanted results but I didn’t want to go down the option of Fillers or Botox. After a friendly chat and some questions, we decided BioSkinJetting would be a great option. I went away to do my own research and booked in for my appointment feeling incredibly confident and ready to say goodbye to my frown line.

So what is BioSkinJetting?

BiosSkinJetting involves using a fine probe and inserting it along the wrinkle, just under the skin surface. This stimulates the circulation of blood flow taking oxygen, nutrients and nourishment to the skin in that area encouraging cell renewal and regeneration. During this period of cell formation, the production of collagen fibres is encouraged. As children our body readily produces collagen but as we age this production is greatly reduced, hence by stimulating the skin in a controlled manner we can “kick start” collagen production effectively. By activating the area immediately underneath the wrinkle, the skin is stimulated into forming new tissue. This new tissue contains young collagen and elastic fibres that help to fill out the wrinkle and reduce its appearance.

Step 3. The treatment

I found myself nervous as my practitioner applied the numbing cream before my treatment. 30 minutes later I was sufficiently numb and hopped onto the treatment couch. She reassured me and explained the treatment process at each stage and just as I was beginning to feel apprehensive she asked: “how is that feeling?” Brilliant, I hadn’t felt a thing!

BioSkinJetting treatment

After a few minutes she had worked the hand piece over the dreaded frown line and a secondary fainter line was also treated. The fainter line hadn’t required any numbing cream and although I could feel the needle, it was in no way painful. It was slightly scratchy and I was more aware of the process but it was still quite a surprisingly comfortable experience.

Immediately after the treatment, I had dark red lines on my forehead in a ‘T’ shape. After applying post treatment Lycogel makeup, the line faded and continued to fade for the rest of the day.

Dark red lines immediately after treatment.

Step 4. The results

The day after my treatment. The lines are still quite visible but I’m looking forward to seeing the results.

The day after I woke up and rushed to the mirror. The T line had faded but was still slightly red so without wanting to overdo my foundation, I came up with an inventive way to hide the temporary red lines.

The red lines took a few days to disappear so I came up with inventive ways to cover my forehead for the day.

After 2-3 days the lines had all but faded away and were easily covered by my regular make-up. I was looking in the mirror constantly over the following days, watching the redness fade and was absolutely thrilled on day 5 when I could – or rather couldn’t see – my line!

Afterwards... Line, what line?!

The visible reduction in the appearance of my line is incredible and I feel so much more confident when I look in the mirror. It’s surprising what a difference such a small change to my face has made and has actually altered my confidence. Best of all, the change isn’t drastic and, unlike using Botox, I still retain all the movement in my forehead.

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