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Posted on the 22 April 2010 at 11:16

All of us in the cosmetic practice have plenty of patients who have really improved their appearance through our assistance. They are receiving regular neuromodular treatment to minimize facial wrinkles. They are revolumizing their facial volume loss with a variety of filler materials and they are doing great skin care and using sunscreen every day.  Most of these patients are admired by their peers because they look and act vibrant, confident and youthful.  But sometimes their hands give away their actual age.


Hand rejuvenation can be a great next step. You can use a variety of filler substances to replace lost subcutaneous volume and decrease the prominent appearance of tendons and larger veins. We’ve used hyaluronic acids, transplanted autologous fat and calcium hydroxyapatite as fillers into the back of the hands.  While the techniques are simple once learned, practitioners should be taught by experienced injectors. Patients need to be aware of bruising, which can follow hand rejuvenation and several instances of delayed swelling have been reported. A good, sterile skin prep is needed before filler is used for hand injection.


It’s great to help our patients put their “best foot forward” and now they can have hands to match!


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