Don't let the Beauty Editors educate your clients

Posted on the 22 April 2010 at 12:00

I bet a lot of people - and when I say people I mean "women" would have read that double page spread in last weekend's Daily Mail. It was a feature about what various journalists, reportedly at the top of their game have had "done" or would propose to have done at some stage. The article overall was balanced in as much as some of the journalists would quite happily opt for surgery and others were more happy to go for the natural look.


What was really frustrating, bearing in mind that these articles are aimed to educate the average consumer was the lack of cohesive information as it was very much based on the journalists personal experience and as we all know what suits the goose doesn't always suit the gander!  


One of the ladies actually dismissed Microneedling (Dermarollering) as taking too much time to recover from after only 48 hours and one of the journalists said that she had had a peel and based on her experience "would not be having it again".  
What strikes me about this whole article is that information and education to your client is so important to help them understand the procedure they are having and the results that can be achieved. We are offering aesthetic treatments - not beauty treatments - they are poles apart. 
This mis-information scares people and deflects people from having treatments that could really make a difference.  Education is key and informing consumers correctly is all our responsibility.


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