Why Cosmetic Procedures Can Change your Life

Posted on the 31 July 2014 at 15:20

There was, for some time, a commonly held misconception that cosmetic procedures are largely the territory of the vain, or those who wish to alter their appearance for financial or social gain. Yet although the rise of the “selfie” has prompted many people to consider ways in which they could become more attractive, society is gradually beginning to realise that, for some, cosmetic procedures can prove revolutionary in tackling issues such as depression, a lack of confidence or even deep-seated insecurities stemming from childhood.

Many people now choosing to undergo cosmetic procedures find that the impact even a small change can have upon their overall outlook on their personal situation is no less than life changing. If you believe you could fall into this category, it is best to know the facts and implications before jumping head-on in – but also recognise that you shouldn’t be held back by the fear of what others will think.

Tackling Depression – a Cheaper Solution?

Those suffering from depression know that there is never a single “cure”, in the same way that there is hardly ever a single reason for the often sudden plunge in mood. However, in our increasingly appearance-orientated society where pictures on Facebook or Twitter can be criticised by the world at large, teenagers are becoming increasingly susceptible to mental illness as a result of perceived failings in their looks.

One of the prime causes for anxiety and/or depression is acne; a skin condition which affects literally millions of teenagers the world over. According to psychologist Bobbie McDonald, of Costa Mesa, California; “In teenagers, self-esteem may take a particular dive with acne because others may be making fun of them, and their anxiety about others’ perceptions of them can result in depression.”

Fortunately, modern medicine has now evolved to the stage where acne can be dealt with properly. Although enlisting the help of a dermatologist can be pricey, getting professional help can actually save money in the long run; a claim backed up by data from money.co.uk. It points out that long-term depression can eat into earning potential later in life, saying; “While just 5 per cent of people with depression reported that they were unemployed and looking for work in a survey by UK charity Depression Alliance, more than one third of respondents chose to leave employment at some point as a consequence of their depression.” No one is saying treating acne will definitively cure depression in teenagers – however, by removing a key cause of self-consciousness, young adults will feel more comfortable interacting with others in both work and social situations.

Enhancing Quality of Life

Bariatric surgery has proven to be one of the most controversial cosmetic procedures of this era, with strong arguments both for and against surgical intervention in those categorised as morbidly obese. In the UK, the anti-intervention brigade’s key issue seems to be the financial impact surgeries such as gastric bands and gastric bypasses have upon the NHS. As BBC medical correspondent Fergus Walsh points out, there have been a large number of high profile stories hitting the press of late which have either dealt with bariatric surgeries gifted by the NHS or situations in which the NHS has refused to fund medical procedures for illnesses such as Type 1 diabetes or cancer. He believes that, in these situations, those “denied treatment may feel that, somewhere along the line, the NHS has got its priorities wrong.”

Yet on the flipside, bariatric surgery has been proven to have a hugely beneficial impact upon the lives of those who, for one reason or another, are unable to lose weight through more conventional means such as diet and exercise. Type 2 diabetes, for example, can be aided and even cured by a gastric bypass surgery claims Dr Nicholas Stylopoulis, who has found that “the secret for the cure of diabetes after gastric bypass lies in the intestine – after gastric bypass the intestine becomes the most important tissue for glucose use and this decreases blood sugar levels.” As Type 2 diabetes is closely linked to obesity, reducing obesity levels through surgical means can see those suffering from this condition hugely improve their quality of life in a relatively short space of time.

Cosmetic procedures, no matter how large or small, should not be entered into lightly in any situation. However, by getting the facts from The Consulting Room beforehand, you can take the first steps in changing your life for the better.

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