Sleep Support for Your Breasts - A novel solution or waste of plastic?

Posted on the 11 March 2010 at 11:43

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the UK distributor of a new product called the Kush™ aimed at “women with larger breasts who sleep on their side”. At first glance it certainly seemed like a “niche” product, but as Cathinka Chandler, CEO of Kush explains on her US website


Kush breast support whilst sleeping

"A few years ago, I began to notice the appearance of wrinkles in my cleavage area. No matter how much I used creams or exercised, the creases didn’t go away. So I began to research the cause and learned a lot.


Because I sleep on my side – like millions of women do – I learned that gravity and the pressure of my breasts resting on top of each other while sleeping was the culprit. I consulted several physicians and found that there were no products available in the market that supports a side-sleeping woman’s breasts, without the use of a bra, adhesives or restrictive clothing. My quest had begun.


After researching, designing and carefully testing my product, I’m very pleased with the results – and I hope that you will be, too. Not only does Kush offer more natural rest for the breasts for a more comfortable sleep, it helps to prevent the appearance of cleavage lines and wrinkles. I sleep better at night and I feel better about my appearance during the day. Kush is a dream come true."



With an open mind!, and to see if it really would be a “dream come true”, I enthusiastically requested a couple of samples (they come in different sizes and colours) and asked my wife, who fits the profile of the target market, to trial them.


When I took them home, my children thought that they were hilarious! My wife thought I was mad – but she did try them for a few nights to see if they lived up to any of the claims made, and although she felt that the product was comfortable to use - I woke up to find it less so when I rolled onto it in the middle of the night!.


Hence, certainly from my wife’s experience, the claim that “no garments are needed as the slip-resistant surface and contoured shape help keep Kush in place as a woman rolls from one side to the other during sleep” – didn’t live up to reality.


Costing £29.99 per Kush (available from ) – this product is also being actively targeted at women who have had breast surgery to help make the breasts more comfortable whilst sleeping during the post-operative recovery period.


No objective trials or studies are available on the website to support claims that this product “could help prevent wrinkles and creases in the cleavage area”.


However, it may make sleeping more comfortable for some women – so, if you’re a large breasted side sleeper and are not sure whether the Kush is for you, try a rolled up sock, toilet roll or can of coke (all with sellotape) to see if it makes any difference before you splash out your £30!

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Blog Comment(s) [3]

Did your wife try the DIY version?

You make it sound like something that would be made on Blue Peter.

Debbie Barnes

My wife still has the real KUSH - but doesn't use it - so I don't think she'll try the other alternatives that I suggested. Actually it was meant to be a joke - I'm sure that women won't really try and sellotape a can of coke between their breasts???!!

Ron Myers |

I was really surprised to read your blog about Kush. I've had fantastic results! I had a breast augmentation in November and starting using a Kush within a few days. It took a couple of days to get used to it but after that I didnt notice it. It really helped me adjust to my new bust size as I was finding it really awkward and uncomfortable to sleep at night. I really noticed the support (literally) it was giving and I wouldn't be without it now. The Kush always stays in place too. Maybe your wife didnt use the right size? Brilliant product.

Andrea Maloney