What is the 'perfect' nose?

Posted on the 26 March 2014 at 10:55

When consulting patients seeking non surgical nose enhancements, I occasionally encounter individuals who make it their priority to seek all out absolute perfection - with a desire to simply have the nose of their dreams miraculously transplanted onto their own face without true regard for what really works for their individual looks.

In reality, the nose of their favourite movie star, fashion model or best friend would not compliment their own features at all and the approach of over perfecting may even take away that certain something that makes them uniquely beautiful and more often than not highly attractive.

The truth is that there really is no such thing as a “perfect” nose as we all have different ideas about what that means. Perceptions of beauty are very much relative depending on your individual culture, ethnicity, aspirations and ideals.

It is proportion, size and shape that create harmony and attractiveness regardless of perceived flaws. There are lots of people who defy the many so called “rules of beauty” or pre defined ideas about what makes an ideal nose.

Lets look at Tom Cruise; he has a very high, dominant Roman Nose. It has obvious irregularities in the bridge creating a concavity or a bend in the right side of his nose bridge suggesting that it may have been broken at some point earlier on in his life and the tip is off centre to the right. These different elements often regarded as flaws contribute greatly to Tom’s distinctive look and unique profile and yet he remains highly attractive, so much so that for much of his Hollywood career as a movie star he has also been very much a heart throb and a pin-up. The very attributes that make his nose flawed also make him highly attractive and give him his distinctive look. Can you imagine Tom Cruise with a more conventional profile? Or with a smaller ski slope or perfectly straight nose? And if you can imagine him that way, would he be as attractive?

More than often, addressing particular aspects of a nose’s imperfections is enough to create balance and harmony in the face. It doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect in every way to be highly attractive. Especially if you want to keep your nose enhancement discreet.

Have a look at this infographic to learn if non-surgical nose enhancement with dermal fillers might be an option for you.


Infographic - Non-surgical nose enhancement (nose job)


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Suzanne Ewing