What to look for when hiring a web design agency

Posted on the 08 November 2013 at 10:47

Five tips on hiring the best website design agency

Being in the sales and marketing arena since I can remember, I have always wondered what is it that makes a company choose one service provider over their nearest competitor.

When speaking to some of my clients recently, I asked them this question and the answer I got, which surprised me, was: “It’s very difficult actually as we are not marketers or even sales people, we are medical professionals.  So we find it hard to know what to look for, especially in the website arena.”

Hearing that remark sparked the idea for this blog. The intention of this blog is to provide you with five tips you can use when hiring a website design agency for your cosmetic or aesthetic business. When you finish reading it you will hopefully know what to ask, what to look out for and how to get the best out of your supplier.

TIP 1: Do they give value for money?

Any website that is cheap will give you a cheap result; I truly believe that when it comes to web design. However, if an agency is asking you to invest thousands of pounds into your website, it is important they communicate the value to your business for spending that amount of money. Do not be blown away by technical jargon. Simply ask them to supply you with a clear value proposition. You spend XYZ, so what is the amount of value you get for that XYZ? Also, a key thing to point out is to make sure you get some sort of agreement in writing. I have learnt this is imperative. We supply T&C’s to our clients just so all is clear for both parties from the start. Make sure you get something like this so you REALLY do get your value for money.

TIP 2: Make sure they understand what you want.

When seeking out a new website, make sure you and the company you want to hire are on the same page. Have them guide you as much as you guide them. I think having them write out some bullet points clearly stating your objectives is a good way to see if they have understood what it is you want.

TIP 3: Experience isn’t everything!

When looking to hire a website agency sometimes their credentials are irrelevant. Is the company dedicated? Do they sound inspiring or ambitious? Are they eager for your business? These kinds of characteristics are things to look for. The eager person is the one that understands that client attention is a priority. Regardless of whether they have designed one website, ambition and drive is what you want. There is no time to be laid back in these times of massive economic change and regular updates to the web world today. I would always hire eagerness over experience.

TIP 4: Portfolio (adding to TIP 3)

Just because a designer has less experience doesn't mean that he or she can't build a beautiful site for you. However, if their experience means they haven’t a portfolio then this can be a problem. Ideally you want to see some previous work with preferably previous work on websites for the aesthetic/cosmetic industry. If this is something they cannot supply, I would request a design example of what they think you need before any money is exchanged. When I started in this industry I had to do this several times. It shows commitment and dedication to get the work and will relate to my point in TIP 3, eagerness over experience any day.

TIP 5: Are they Mr Yes Sir?

Nothing scares me more than a Mr KnowItAll. In the world of web it is important to know your stuff, but what makes web agencies most successful is being able to solve the problems of their clients. So I would suggest you don’t buy in to the agency that says YES to EVERYTHING! This can be a recipe for disaster as when it comes to a point when they cannot give you what they promised, short cuts are made and shorts cuts will only create further problems down the road. A true business person will admit what they cannot do and excel at what they can, plus they will seek other resources if needed to provide what is needed or solve the problem that arises. This is a good thing. Just because they can’t do it doesn’t mean they won’t.

These five tips will help you hire the best website design agency for your aesthetic and cosmetic business. Use them, take them to your meetings with the agencies and base your questions around these tips. Go and hire the agency for YOU!

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Web design features is something which gets updated frequently and hence it is necessary that the designer employed for the work is updated despite the experience he possess.
Professional Web Design


Thanks for sharing these five tips to the readers. Finding the best web designing agency is a quite difficult task. By considering our budget and needs, we need to choose the apt agency for us. The tips given, helped a lot in this. Keep sharing these kind of information in the upcoming posts too.