Cosmedic Coach launches campaign for #safetyinbeauty industry

Posted on the 21 October 2013 at 16:16

Safety in Beauty Antonia Mariconda with Sophie Anderton

Beauty writer and personal coach Antonia Mariconda, also known as the Cosmedic Coach launched a campaign for safer practices in the beauty industry on the 17th October 2013 with a plethora of celebrity supporters, including Sophie Anderton.

The campaign, safety in beauty, aims to expose unsafe practices and keep the public informed. It will run on Twitter using the hashtag #safetyinbeauty and is intended to expose and hold unscrupulous, uninsured or even illegal practitioners to account.

Antonia said; “We all have the right to look and feel better about ourselves, but that doesn’t mean we deserve to suffer the consequences of damage inflicted by incompetent practitioners or business activities”.

It’s all about people power now, it’s a hugely profitable industry for those that have a role within it, but as consumers we need to take a stand and say that we willno longer suffer nor tolerate sub standard or potentially harmful activity”.

Many industry professionals and medical practitioners have pledged their support for the initiative already, Dr. Mike Comins, Acting President of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAN), who attended the event in support, stated; “it’s a wonderful initiative that puts power in the hands of the consumer”.

Mandy Luckman from Law firm Irwin Mitchellm who attended and sponsored the event stated; “we fully support this initiative as it creates greater awareness of how to go about beauty procedures and treatments in a safer way, it’s all about information and empowering the consumer”.

Antonia intends to present over 365 documented examples of malpractice, and injury inflicted on the public by unscrupulous beauty and cosmetic activities to a government review panel (the Department of Health's Keogh Implenmentation Team) in January 2014, with the intention of adding pressure for tighter regulations within the beauty industry.

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Learn more about the campaign at

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