Breast Enlargement by the OCEAN

Posted on the 16 July 2013 at 10:49

 It may sound like another ‘Sun, Sea, Sand and Silicone’ promotion but the OCEAN™ Breast Enlargement procedure is 100% British made and only available on these shores, pioneered by and exclusively available at Aurora Clinics.

The plastic surgeon behind the technique, Mr. Adrian Richards introduces this new procedure by explaining; “The OCEAN™ Breast Enlargement is an advanced 3-in-1 procedure that offers you a complete breast makeover in one surgery. Your breasts are enlarged and uplifted, and the areolas reduced, giving the breasts a rounder, fuller and more youthful look – all performed through one discreet incision around the areola.

The aim of the new technique is to provide a complete rejuvenation of the breasts, bringing back their youthful fullness and perkiness in one go!

The acronym, OCEAN™ includes all the important features that make up the complete procedure, as follows:

  • O' scar - Circular incision around the areola leaves a barely visible scar
  • Combined - Only one surgery for three procedures
  • Enlargement - Breasts are augmented for a fuller, rounder shape
  • Areola reduction - Areolas are reduced in size to accentuate the breasts
  • Nipple lift - Nipples sit higher on the breasts, giving a 'pert' appearance

Although breast augmentation and breast uplift are commonly performed in the same operation, the addition of the areola reduction in combination with the two other procedures is a novel concept, as well as doing so through a single circular incision which goes around the areola itself.

Breast uplift surgery normally leaves a ‘lollipop’ shaped scar on the breast – a circle around the areola and a line going vertically downwards towards the underside crease of the breast. The OCEAN™ method proposes to leave just a circular scar around the areola which is far less noticeable post healing. The scar created can also be easily further camouflaged with micro-pigmentation to match in with the colour of the areola should it be required.

You can expect to pay upwards of £5,500 for an OCEAN™ Breast Enlargement procedure, depending on the brand of breast implant chosen (this includes pre and post consultations, plus surgery). Case studies of the OCEAN procedure are available.


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Don't you think Natural Method is better than Augmentation and implants etc. Why should not girls focus on products having properties of Estrogen to make their breast Bigger