Restylane and Juvederm Ultra TV Adverts - Would They Convince You?

Posted on the 22 February 2010 at 13:31

Over the last couple of years we've seen the two largest companies in the UK cosmetic dermal filler market, Q-Med and Allergan, screen TV Commercials to complement their magazine advertising campaigns.

Their aim has been both to promote the concept of medical injectable fillers as a more effective treatment of wrinkles (compared to face creams) and also to create consumer brand awareness in a market where there are an increasing number of injectable alternatives available to aesthetic practitioners.
Allergan's advert for Juvederm Ultra, 1st screened towards the end of 2008, did create a number of complaints including some of the viewers, who had seen the ad during programmes that were likely to be watched by children and young teenagers, challenging whether, given the nature of the product, the ad was suitable to be seen by children.
None of the complaints were subsequently upheld (for more details of the adjudication visit the ASA website.
To view the TV adverts click on the videos below.

Do you think injectable dermal fillers should be advertised unrestricted on TV or in magazines?

Do these adverts want to make you find out more about cosmetic fillers?

Should companies invest more in advertising to educate consumers about the potential benefits of fillers for the treatment of lines and wrinkles?

If you have a view post a comment below!
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Blog Comment(s) [2]

I certainly believe there should be some restrictions to advertising. I'm not sure what? Maybe something more realistic? However, I can't see that happening! How many women are going to believe they'll end up looking like the model in the Jeuvaderm Ultra advert? However, if a client is considering a dermal filler treatment, the adverts would probably entice them to find out more information, and from a qualified practitioner too, so that has to be a positive influence.

Alison McMath

The adverts are not offensive in my opinion and they certainly raised awareness as we received several new patients during the campaigns. Whether or not they were cost effective for the 2 companies, that's a different matter, but I would be suprised.

Dr Ravi Jain |