Botox Sales & Botox Training Courses in UK Economic Crisis and The Outlook is Good!

Posted on the 06 December 2011 at 11:35

As the Financial Times announce a rapid increase in Botox sales in Europe, Botox training courses at Cosmetic Courses have also risen throughout the year. These encouraging statistics (illustrated by the graph) show that, despite the continuing economic crisis, all is not doom and gloom in the world of aesthetic medicine.

This is very positive news for medical professionals considering botox training as an option for their futures.

But surely the findings are also surprising: why would people be turning to aesthetic treatments at a time when many are having to make cuts on their weekly food shop and worrying about fuel or home expenses? In a statement to the Financial Times, chief executive David Pyott of Botox manufacturer Allergan revealed that beauty is so deeply embedded into the culture of today’s Europeans that many would prefer to make sacrifices in other areas (even those many would consider everyday necessities) than give up their Botox habit.

Whatever the reasoning, this is undoubtedly good news for aesthetic medical professionals considering their employment options. At leading UK aesthetic training provider Cosmetic Courses, numbers of delegates booking onto the foundation level Botox training course have been on a steady increase all year. This introductory level Botox training course is the first step for medical professionals looking to begin their medical aesthetic career before going on to the Advanced Level training (Fillers and more complex Botox techniques), tailored 1-1 modules or courses in other aesthetic methods like Dermaroller Therapy or Skin Peels.

Asked why she thinks so many medical professionals have entered medical aesthetic training in 2011, despite the economic crisis, Cosmetic Courses manager Rachael Langford replied:

“They’re worried about the current problems in the NHS. One woman we spoke to yesterday wants to start her family in 2 or 3 years but her current medical career wouldn’t allow for it. She felt that doing Botox training alongside would give her the option. Similarly, people coming up to retirement want to do Botox training to ease up their normal hours in the NHS. Working ridiculously long hours to rigid schedules can be far more draining than any economic crisis – Botox training can provide the chance of a better quality of life with more time to do what you want around your working hours.”

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Blog Comment(s) [3]

Whilst wanting to wish ever success to the blogger who I have heard does run excellent training, one has to wonder if this is actually a good thing for the level of standards within the industry.
With consumers being fooled by the media into believing that Botox treatments are a commodity and the same wherever you go, many of them may be sucked into low priced offers by inexperienced Practitioners and not get the correct result - leaving them thinking that Botox is to blame rather than the skill of the practitioner.
The public should be aware that here is a significant "ART" to delivering Botox treatments that must be adapted and changed in each individual patient in order to give the correct and desired result. This "ART" can take many years to master and many practitioners are never able to achieve this. Please always ask about a practitioners experience before having a treatment, ask to see training certificates and check the date! Ask also to see belfore and after treatments that the practitioner injecting you has actually done the treatment on rather than stock images supplied by the manufacturers.

Also remember that the actual product injected is not a cheap ingredient. If you see a low price offer, bear in mind you may not be getting the correct amount of Botox to get the result you desire or you may be being used by the practitioner to gain experience! If you want to use your face as a testing ground then that's up to you! If it looks too good to be true, it probably is!

Martyn Roe |

A very valid point. This Blog was originally posted on our B2B site and in an entirely 'business' related context - regardless of the economic climate driving more delegates to enter the medical aesthetic field, the same high standards need to be upheld and a balance must be maintained between quality and quantity. This is something we certainly never compromise at Cosmetic Courses although there will always be companies who try to capitalise on the 'pack 'em in quick' opportunity. In terms of the B2C angle, I can only second the above comments and the importance for patients to seek out top standards of care for their treatments.

Sarah Brechon |

Very nice write up! Point well made. Botox treatment is good. This is for aesthetic purposes. However, you have to make sure that you have the best doctors to do it for you. Dermatologist should have courses and training for botox treaments before they do this procedure.

Vivian Becnel