Want a derriere to rival Jenifer Lopez?... the secrets in the box!

Posted on the 06 October 2011 at 15:36

Kim Kardashian, Pippa Middleton, CoCo, Jenifer Lopez and Christina Hendricks are just some of the celebrities proud to flaunt their ample curves.  These ladies are part of an emerging new trend where big is beautiful.

Yep, it seems Bootylicious bums are the latest must have body part getting their 15 minutes of fame!

For those women out there who want a more rounded derriere but don’t want to indulge in surgical implants what can you do? Well, the folks at Bremenn labs have put their two cents in and come up with the solution: “Butt lift in a Box”.

Summing up its premise in those 5 words, the Butt Lift in a Box is a 3-step lifting system claiming to lift, firm and plump any derriere. 

The pack, which retails for £70, includes a butt plumping catalyst, lifting and firming emulsion and a specialized butt toning program all aimed to keeping your bum “smoother, tighter, more lifted, and more youthful, with a noticable decrease in the appearance of cellulite after only 2 weeks.”

It seems the manufacturers of the “in a box” range have something for women who want the curvy look without joining celebrities such as Katy Perry, who recently admitted to having injections in an attempt to get a perkier shape.

If the promise of your bum looking “plumper and rounder after 3 short weeks!” doesn’t appeal to you how about the Tummy Tuck in a Box or the Boob Job in a Box? 

While we do find the notion of surgery in a box very entertaining, we do not advocate it as a product that can match the results produced by surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatment. We would advise anyone looking to achieve such results to thoroughly research all areas of buttock enhancement and cellulite treatments

The focus on curves has seen a rise in ‘butt enhancing’ padded underwear which add the look of a few pounds to just the right spots, plus-size model Marquita Pring has recently admitted padding her hips with the special underwear to create extra oomph.

It would seem the admiration of the hourglass silhouette has seen a surge in popularity in the past couple of years and may even be catching on with men too;

 “Ps. you won’t believe how many men are buying this product (men have flat, saggy butts too).” Who knew?!




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Probably better to put my whole body in a box - it would be more effective!!